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Planting 101

Wanna grow an indoor herb garden this autumn? These are the herbs to plant this fall.

Ever wonder how to make your plants look good together? Follow these simple tips on how to arrange your plants in groups. It’ll be helpful this fall season.

There is something mesmerizing about artwork inspired by nature, in which you will see a string of stories attempting to bring hope amid the pandemic and to provide a moment of clarity when we feel lost or overwhelmed. In our new Get Your Hands Dirty series, Angela Alba shares her leafy love affair between art & plants and how plants influenced her artwork—ideally in a form of self-love, growing in a nice ceramic pot.

Your plant babies really missed you. Make sure to reconnect with them and check if they’re all okay with this handy post-vacation plant checklist.

Let there be (artificial) light with these low-light solutions.

There are a few reasons why your houseplant leaves are turning brown and solutions on how you could fix each issue.

Keep your green thumb this autumn with these gorgeous and easy-to-care houseplants to decorate for fall.

Learn how to tell if your plants are sick or dying this autumn with this simple guide on common houseplant problems during fall season.

In need of a fall makeover? Follow these fall container garden tips to spruce up the space and for a successful container garden.

Follow these tips on how to protect your plants and trees from the late fall and make them come back strong next spring.

Put fall leaves to work with these smart ways on how to use autumn leaves in the garden.

Use these fall and winter container gardening tips to keep your greenery paradise growing even in the cold months.

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