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When to Bring Plants Indoors

When to Bring Plants Indoors

As a plant parent, you might be asking yourself: when to bring plants indoors? How cold does it have to be before you bring back your plant babies inside?

Aside from cleaning and preparing your home for the fall season, there are also rituals and preparations you need to do to refresh your summer garden for fall and to make sure your potted plants survive the upcoming cool months. As a plant owner, you might be wondering when is the best time to bring your plants indoors? We know that we still have a few weeks left before we bid goodbye to summer, but it’s better to be prepared than procrastinating at the last minute.

Unless you live in a warm climate region, this guide will answer your question and provide you with tips on how to move back your plants indoors.

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When to Bring Plants Indoors

Some hardy plants can survive the winter, but for most plants, you should bring them back inside once the nighttime temperature reaches 45°F, especially if you have tropical plants. Tropical plants will suffer damage and die if you leave them outdoors since they won’t survive below 40°F.


How to Bring Plants Indoors

Check if They’re Pest and Disease Free: Before you move your plants indoors, make sure they’re pest and disease-free. Check their leaves, stems, and soil for signs of pests and disease. If you noticed insects or damaged leaves due to pests, treat them by debugging your plants outside, pruning damaged parts of your plants, and repotting them.

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Keep Thriving Plants: We all want to bring back our plants indoors, but if you have sick plants or struggling plants, gardeners recommend letting them go. If they’re struggling outdoor, they’ll struggle even more indoors.

Slowly Reintroduce Your Plants to the Indoor Environment: Gradually acclimate your plants to indoor light and temperature. It’s going to take some time, so it’s best to start this step as early as now. Move them slowly to a shaded space and shorten their time outdoors. Never move your plants indoors without acclimating them as this could cause shock and stress to your plants.

Give Them Space: If you’re bringing plants back inside, consider creating a space for them on counters and window sills or somewhere they can get enough light.

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