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When Is the Best Time to Rake Leaves?

When Is the Best Time to Rake Leaves?

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to rake leaves? Do you have to wait for a few days or more than a week?

Fall is such a beautiful season for two specific reasons: cooler weather and vibrant autumn leaves. There’s something romantic and pleasant watching autumn leaves fall into the ground. Of course, it’s fun to jump on piles of leaves, but have you ever wondered when is the best time to rake leaves? Is it every single day? Should you wait for a few days or maybe more than a week before you decide to rake them?

Best Time to Rake Leaves

According to experts, the best time to rake leaves is after three or four days. It’s not a good idea to let the leaves sit on the grass for more than four days since they could make your grass smothered. It also depends on how big your yard is or if the leaves are dry or wet.

For bigger yards, it’s best to rake leaves every day. Rake a little each day just to lessen the task and to make sure you don’t fall behind. For wet leaves, it’s best to rake them after two or three days. For dry leaves, you could rake them after a week or more.

Avoid waiting for too long before you rake leaves in your yard as the weather changes every day. A simple task could be a real challenge when it rains, and the leaves become soggy. Aside from it being a struggle to rake wet leaves, they could also attract pests that could harm your grass and other plants.

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