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Weekend Project: 3 DIY Ideas to Try With Your Houseplants

Weekend Project: 3 DIY Ideas to Try With Your Houseplants

Display your plants with style with these easy DIY ideas to try with your houseplants!

As plant enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for trending or must-have indoor plants, ways to care for and fix any type of plants, and of course, our favorite DIY ideas to display our plants in style. Hilton Carter, a plant specialist, shares some of his favorite DIY ideas to try with your houseplants. Trust us, you can easily pull them off in a day!

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Holiday Wreath

One of the easiest DIY ideas to try with your houseplants is creating a holiday wreath. It’s perfect since Christmas is just a few days away! However, this is not your traditional wreath with acorns and bows. Instead, we’re using air plants to spice up your door. You’ll need an embroidery hoop, cloth strips, berries, ornaments, hot glue, and air plants.

Get the tutorial at Sunset.


Plant Chandelier

Spruce up your home with a DIY plant chandelier! It looks perfect this holiday season, but it also works for any season, especially during spring and summer! Gather the materials needed like moss, soil, plants or flowers, floral wire, caged living wreath, some hooks, and steel cable.

Get the tutorial at Apartment Therapy.


Propagation Wall

One of our favorite DIY ideas is the famous propagation wall of Carter. You might have already seen the idea on his Instagram, and we’ve always wanted to try creating our own propagation wall. It could be as grand as Carter’s propagation wall design, or it could be simple like Vintage Revival’s modern arch propagation wall with glass tubes and plywood pieces.

Get the tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

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