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Treat Cold-Damaged Plants With These 4 Easy Tips

Treat Cold-Damaged Plants With These 4 Easy Tips

Treat cold-damaged plants and help them recover from the freezing temperature with these tips.

We know that it’s still early fall, and your plants are doing fine with the cool weather. However, it’s best to be prepared on what you should do in case your plants will suffer from frost. Here are the ways you can help and treat cold-damaged plants.

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Tips on How to Treat Cold-Damaged Plants

  • Fertilizer: Never feed your cold-damaged plants. It won’t help speed their recovery. It’s best to hold off fertilizing your plants during the fall and winter seasons and wait until spring arrives. Once the frost has passed, feed your plants to help them recover.

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  • Lawn: Don’t be surprised if your lawn turns brown during winter. It’s normal, and it’s just a sign that your lawn’s dormant. When spring arrives, your lawn will return to its vibrant green shade and produce new growth. However, if you think that your lawn is damaged because of the freezing temperature, it’s best to replace some of the damaged turfgrass with plugs or sod pieces.
  • Pruning: Injured or cold-damaged plants will be black or brown under the bark. If this is the case with your plants, it’s best to leave them and patiently wait until new plants begin to grow. Prune your plants once the frost has passed.
  • Water: Check the soil of your plants once the frost has passed. There are two cases in this kind of situation: either the soil is dry as bone or water in the soil has frozen. To fix this, we suggest watering your plants to defrost the soil.

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