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Top 4 Stylish Horticulture Trends in 2022

Top 4 Stylish Horticulture Trends in 2022

We are excited to share the Horticulture Trends in 2022 by the Flower Council Holland. From flowers to outdoor plants, these are the styles and trends you’ll be digging your hands into!

We’re all looking forward to a better year, so it’s wonderful to hear that the horticultural trends in 2022 main goal are to look for ways to bring shape to the new world. It sparks new hope and positivity amidst the pandemic. It’s been a long and tough year, requiring us to make adjustments, accept changes and losses, but Flower Council Holland is here to give us a fresh start with these horticultural trends in 2022.

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Fresh Start

The focus of the Fresh Start style trend is on sustainability, climate solutions, and decluttering. Literally a fresh new start! It’s about shifting your attention and giving more emphasis to the furnishing of your home and outdoor spaces. According to Flower Council Holland, “room partitions and multifunctional walls are thus ideal and made of natural materials into which flowers and plants can be incorporated.” Focus on creating a healthy indoor space that will help you be more productive while working from home and will help your family live better.

Additionally, for outdoor spaces, Flower Council Holland says that there is less paving and more biodiversity. “Materials in the garden are biodegradable and bio-based as much as possible.”

Bright and Breezy

The Bright and Breezy style trend is about making a connection, equality, a shared reality, altruistic behavior, and inclusivity. It’s about relearning and discovering again on enjoying life again without fretting. You can bring this style indoors with uncomplicated patterns with checks, stripes, or pictures of fruit to reinforce a festive feeling. Add a touch of positive energy by decorating your home with flowers and flowering plants.

For outdoor spaces, think of colorful borders, colored parasols, and cheerful pick-your-own-flowers gardens, according to Flower Council Holland.

Traditional Sentiment

One of the reasons we love the horticultural trends in 2022 is it understands that not everyone is desperate for change, so it’s heartwarming to know there’s a nostalgic and familiar style that has a place in this changing world. The Traditional Sentiment style trend indoors is focused on warm, rich in color, and nostalgic with a twist by mixing vintage and old. For outdoor spaces, traditional and romantic roses paired with plants, shrubs and trees, and cozy seating.

Wellness Bubble

From the name itself, the Wellness Bubble style trend is about keeping our spirits up with joie de vivre, creativity, and humor. It’s about investing energy in our mental health. To bring this style trend into your home, Flower Council Holland says that it’s the combination of soft tones with transparent materials and round shapes that are reminiscent of water that help us to relax.

For outdoor spaces, turn it into the ultimate escape from hectic times by placing recliners and loungers mixed with exotic plants and blooming borders.

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