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Top 10 Aesthetic Indoor Plants You Should Have

Top 10 Aesthetic Indoor Plants You Should Have

Enhance the look of your space by adding these beautiful and captivating aesthetic indoor plants.

Not all plants are created equal. Some are prettier and more captivating than others. We all know that houseplants have multiple health benefits. From purifying the air to improving your mental health, they also add visual interest to your home no matter where you place them. So if you want to show off your plant collection, these are the aesthetic indoor plants you should definitely have! Plus, they are really easy to care for.



Calathea plants are known to be one of the most aesthetic indoor plants because of their beautiful foliage, such as the Calathea Medallion. Its leaves are a combination of green strokes and rich, deep, purple, and burgundy tones. Place your Calathea plant in a bright spot where it can get bright, indirect light. Keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering.

Lemon Tree

While it’s true that the lemon tree is one of the most beautiful indoor plants, it takes to grow. So if you’re a patient person, then the lemon tree might suit you. Let the soil dry out before watering, and it requires full sunlight.

Rubber Plant

One of the easiest and most aesthetic indoor plants is the rubber tree. Famous for its large glossy leaves, it prefers bright, indirect light. Rubber Tree’s water needs vary according to season. During summer, keep the soil of your Rubber Tree moist, but do not overwater it. Keep in mind that the rubber tree doesn’t like change, so pick a bright spot for your Rubber Tree and let it do its thing.



Of course, the cactus is one of the most popular indoor plants because of its beautiful impression. Plus, it comes in different styles. It’s perfect for busy and forgetful plant owners. Place your cactus plant in a bright place. Water it once a week or let the soil dry out before watering.


Olive Tree

Beautiful and sophisticated, the olive tree isn’t completely easy to keep alive. Place it in a spot where it can get the full sun of at least six hours a day. Although olive trees are drought-tolerant, it’s best to keep the soil slightly moist, so be careful not to overwater it.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Even though it’s considered a fussy plant, the fiddle leaf fig tree is still one of the most aesthetic indoor plants. We bet that almost all plant owners have a fiddle leaf fig tree or at least had a fiddle leaf fig tree. We have to say that it’s not suitable for beginners, but if you think that you can keep this plant alive, then you can add this to your plant collection.

Similar to the rubber tree, the fiddle leaf fig hates change. It’s one of the reasons they lose their lively appearance. Pick a spot where it can get bright, indirect light. Allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering again.



Who doesn’t dream of having a Monstera in their home? Ever since the plant craze started, Monstera is one of the indoor plants that’s always sold out in shops. Famous for its unusual holes in its leaves, it prefers bright, indirect light to grow well. It’s best to wait until the soil is slightly dry before watering again.

Bird of Paradise

There’s no denying that Bird of Paradise is indeed one of the most aesthetic indoor plants that can brighten up your home. Place it in a bright, sunny spot and allow the top 50% of the soil to dry before watering again.


Majesty Palm

A lush tropical plant, the Majesty Palm is one of the best air-purifying plants to add to your home. It prefers four to six hours of bright, indirect light each day. Keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it.



Of course, ferns will always be one of the must-have aesthetic indoor plants. Aside from its beautiful leaves, it’s also easy to care for. It needs bright, indirect light and regular watering to thrive. Most plant owners place their ferns in bathrooms because of the humid environment.

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