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The Top 7 Health Benefits of Houseplants

The Top 7 Health Benefits of Houseplants

Science has proven that houseplants can improve the quality of your life — making you happier and healthier. Here are eight health benefits of houseplants that you should know.

We all know that indoor plants and lush flowers add more beauty and comfort to any part of our homes, whether it’s in the bathroombedroomhome officekitchen, or tiny entryway. Houseplants can certainly enliven any space! All you need is proper light levels and watering knowledge to get yourself a growing indoor oasis. However, did you know that houseplants can improve the quality of your life? Yes, both physical and psychological.

According to Swansons Nursery, many air-purifying houseplants absorb toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene in your home. Additionally, researchers conclude that houseplants can reduce indoor dust by up to 20%. Meanwhile, Dr. Virginia Lohr, a professor of horticulture at Washington State University, suggests that filling your home as little as 2% with houseplants can improve the air in your home. Since houseplants release water vapor into the air, they can also help improve respiratory and skin health and increase humidity, which can be a huge help to those suffering from allergies, headaches, and respiratory issues. Plus, houseplants can improve our mental health, mood, and productivity.

The Top Seven Health Benefits of Houseplants

Boost Your Productivity: It’s true that houseplants can increase both creativity and productivity. So if you are feeling a bit unproductive at work, maybe you should add a little life into your workspace like a cactus.

Help You Recover From Illness Faster: Simply looking at indoor plants and lush flowers may speed your recovery from an illness or injury, according to Healthline. A 2002 review of the research revealed that patients had shorter hospital stays because they recovered faster by looking at plants during their recovery periods.

Houseplants Can Be Therapeutic: Indoor gardening can be therapeutic. It can help improve people with anxiety, dementia, depression, and other conditions.

Improve the Quality of Indoor Air: A NASA study concluded that houseplants can improve air quality and reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) significantly.

Reduce Noise Levels: Yes, it’s real! Indoor plants can absorb up to 50% of the sound energy in your home. There are three ways indoor plants can reduce noise levels: deflection, absorption, and refraction. Either they bounce and break the sound into other forms of energy, absorb it, or eliminate the echoes.

Reduce Stress Levels: Incorporating indoor plants into your home and work has been shown to reduce stress.

Sharpen Your Attention: Indoor plants can help you be more attentive and concentrate better.


Humans have a strong connection to nature and caring for indoor plants can help you reap all these health benefits of houseplants. It can make you calmer, more content, and more focused. They can help decrease anxiety and stress, as well. So slow down, take a few deep breaths, and spend some time with your plant babies. Trust us, it will positively help you and your indoor plants thrive.

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