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The Four Must-Have Indoor Plant Care Essentials

The Four Must-Have Indoor Plant Care Essentials

These are the indoor plant care essentials no one talks about, but you’ll need them to properly care for your plants.

As plant parents, we have everything we think we need to keep our plants happy and healthy. However, did you know some indoor plant care essentials might be missing from your list? No one really talks about it, but you’ll need it for your plants to keep thriving. What are these indoor plant care essentials?

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Cloth Rag

A cloth rag is one of the indoor plant care essentials you need to clean your plant’s leaves. It’s important to clean your plant’s leaves from dust to keep them from producing their own food or photosynthesis. A plant that’s free from dust is also immune from diseases and pests.

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Plant pros recommend having a supply of fertilizer every spring and summer since these are the growing seasons. Your plants need extra nutrition and boost to help them grow healthy and lush. Plus, fertilizers can help replenish your plant’s soil.

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Soaking Tray

One of the indoor plant care essentials is a soaking tray. Place your plants in a soaking tray, fill the bottom with water, and let your plants absorb the water for a couple of hours. This is pretty convenient if you need to water several plants at the same time.

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Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is one of the indoor plant care essentials you must have. It helps increase the humidity and keep your plants clean.

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Do you have these four indoor plant care essentials? Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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