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Planting 101

Humans are not the only being that enjoys the benefits of crystals. Did you know that struggling to grow or wilting plants can be revived using crystals? It may sound like a crazy idea, but in our new Get Your Hands Dirty series, Alessia Resta will teach us the connection between crystals & plants and how crystals can boost your garden & bring cosmic harmony into your home.

There is something mesmerizing about artwork inspired by nature, in which you will see a string of stories attempting to bring hope amid the pandemic and to provide a moment of clarity when we feel lost or overwhelmed. In our new Get Your Hands Dirty series, Angela Alba shares her leafy love affair between art & plants and how plants influenced her artwork—ideally in a form of self-love, growing in a nice ceramic pot.

If owning a dozen houseplants is one too many, then you'd be surprised with Instagram's budding plantfluencer Vanessa Nghiem, aka @bahnaesa, with her 150 plus (and counting) houseplants! In our new Get Your Hands Dirty series, Vanessa shares her indoor garden paradise and how she found comfort, joy, and self-care through her plants.

Gertrude Jekyll once said that a garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness. In our new Get Your Hands Dirty series, Mod and Mint give us a tour of her beautiful home which houses gorgeous and rare plants, growing plants together with her son, and interesting plant display ideas we absolutely love!
As part of our new series, Get Your Hands Dirty, we sat down with Emily Sanchez aka Classy Casita to chat about her houseplant journey, how it positively affected her life, and her plant care routine (including her highly-recommended moisture meter).

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