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Planting 101

Take a look at these houseplants tools you must-have to keep your plants happy and healthy.
How and when do you apply fertilizer? Follow our step-by-step guide on how to fertilize your plants!
We are going to take the mystery out of how to trim your plants, so your plant babies can produce more blooms and will grow healthier and stronger.
The only thing worse than your favorite plant being eaten is taking your furbaby on an expensive and stressful trip to the vet. Keep your furry friends safe by choosing pet-friendly houseplants that will add color and texture to your home.
Do you really need to have a green thumb, aka some kind of special power, to keep your blooms and houseplants happy and healthy? What about the myth of the green thumb? Keep reading to find out!
Learning how to repot a houseplant can sound tricky, but we have simple tips and tricks to make it a success.
Follow our guide on how to water houseplants. Important: make sure the planter has drainage holes to avoid damp that can create root rot.
Increase the humidity for houseplants with our simple tips to keep them happy and healthy during the fall and winter season.
Get rid of any pests your houseplants might have picked up outdoors by following these steps on how to debug plants.
To know if your plants are drowning from too much TLC, here are the signs of overwatering your plants & how to save them. You're welcome!
Planters come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. How to choose the right planter for your plant? Read on to find out.
If installing a skylight or replacing your tile is a bit too much, then turn your bathroom into a green oasis with these low maintenance bathroom plants.

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