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Revitalize Indoor Plants This Winter With These 5 Tips

Revitalize Indoor Plants This Winter With These 5 Tips

Do your plants look droopy and unhappy? Use these tips to revitalize indoor plants and alive through winter.

It seems like a vicious cycle every winter when your lively plants turn droopy and gloomy because of the cold temperature and fewer light hours. It can be quite challenging to keep your plants alive through winter, so if you’re trying to keep your plants happy and green this cold season, use these tips to revitalize your plant babies!

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Tips to Revitalize Indoor Plants This Winter

  • Cut Back the Water & Fertilizer: It’s best to cut back the water this winter as it takes much more time for your plant’s soil to completely dry. It’s almost impossible to revive an overwatered plant this winter, so check your plant’s soil before watering. We recommend watering your plants at least once a week or whenever the soil is dry. Don’t worry if your plants are a bit underwatered, you can revive them easily. Similar to cutting back the water, it’s also best to stop feeding your plants this winter since they don’t need fertilizer during winter.
  • Dust Off Your Plants: A layer of dust on the leaves of your plants will block sunlight. As a result, it can reduce your plants’ ability to photosynthesize and make them prone to diseases and pest infestations. Wipe off dust regularly with a soft cloth or duster.
  • Seal Up the Windows: Make sure to seal your windows this winter as most indoor plants are sensitive to cold air. You can also move your plants to an area far from the windowsills and doorways.
  • Use Grow Lights: Grow lights will be your savior this winter! Since there are shorter light hours during this season, grow lights can be an alternative to keep your plants growing and alive through winter.
  • Wait on Re-potting: It’s best to wait for spring to re-pot your plants. However, don’t be afraid to prune your plants, especially cutting off brown or yellow leaves.

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