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Refresh Your Summer Garden for Fall With These 5 Easy Ways

Refresh Your Summer Garden for Fall With These 5 Easy Ways

Can’t wait for the fall season? Try these zero-effort ideas to refresh your summer garden for fall.

Some gardeners like to rework their garden every season, but if you’re like one of the lazy gardeners club, you’d still want to add instant fall drama to your garden but with zero effort. Is it even possible? Yes, with these easy-peasy ideas and tricks.

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Add Bold Foliage Plants

Replace summer plants with vibrant foliage plants and flowers. For example, Garden Mums and Pansy both add an autumn classic feeling to your garden space. Both flowers create a dramatic display to your garden or even balcony space. You could also combine different plants and flowers to make your garden space even more vibrant, like Hosta combined with Rhododendron and Coral Bells. The vibrant Hosta will make your garden look lively.

Get Creative & Cover a Bare Patch With a Pumpkin

Got an empty patch but don’t have the time to look for a replacement plant? We suggest adding a pumpkin to the area and designing the space with colorful fall flowers and dark foliage plants.

Plant Cool-Season Flowers

One of the ideas to refresh your summer garden for fall is to fill the space or containers with cool-season flowers in fall colors, such as Pansies. It’s best to plant them during summer, or while the soil is warm, so they’ll bloom from fall to spring.

Play Up Texture

Create a dynamic garden space by combining one or more textural plants like twiggy branches, berries, and grassy leaves. For example, Beautyberry looks great combined with Russian Sage. Both plants have different textures, but they look good together.


Rearrange Your Container Layout

If you really want zero effort to refresh your summer garden for fall, you could regroup your plants for a fresh perspective. Check which plants will work together, then group them. Some gardeners would group plants according to their needs, such as light, watering, and humidity needs.

These are the simple ways you can refresh your summer garden for fall. How do you prepare your garden for the upcoming fall season?

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