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Prepare Your Garden for Winter With These 4 Tips

Prepare Your Garden for Winter With These 4 Tips

Use these tips to prepare your garden for winter and help your plants and perennials come back stronger in the spring.

As the temperature continues to drop, we can already feel the chilly winter season even though there’s still a month left to enjoy the fall. So while you still can get through the cool weather, it’s best to prepare your garden for winter and help your plants come back stronger in the spring.

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Gently Dig Up Tender Bulbs

Tender bulbs are popular summer flowers like dahlia, cannas, and begonias. Typically, these summer-bloomers won’t survive during the winter, so it’s best to gently dig them up and bring them indoors where the surroundings are warm. Cut the leaves and brush off as much soil as possible. Do not wash them water as the dampness can cause the bulbs to rot and die. Gently place them inside a cardboard box as their temporary storage area. Cover each flower in old newspapers and place them in a location with a temperature below 45°F but not freezing.

Give Your Plants Plenty of Water Before the Ground Freezes

If the autumn season has been dry in your zone, we suggest watering your garden plants, trees, perennials, and shrubs before the ground freezes. Once the ground freezes, spread organic material such as dry autumn leaves or chopped leaves up to 6 inches thick. The organic materials will help retain moisture in the soil and protect your plant’s roots from getting damaged in the winter. Cut any brown leaves or diseased plants and dispose of them properly. If you have young plants, protect them from the winter with burlap screens or shade cloth shelters.

Mulch Your Perennials

One of the ways to prepare your garden for winter is to mulch your perennials or cover them with a thick layer of chopped leaves and straw. This helps even out the soil temperature, which supports your garden plants and new plants from the cold condition.

Protect Annuals From Frost

Extend the life of your annuals by covering them with old sheets during light frosts. If your annuals are planted in containers, move them in a protected space once the temperature hits 40°F below.

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