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Prepare Your Fall Garden for Spring Planting With These 5 Tips

Prepare Your Fall Garden for Spring Planting With These 5 Tips

Did you know the fall season is the perfect time to prepare your fall garden for spring planting?

We know fall hasn’t arrived yet, and spring just ended a few months ago, but once you’ve finished preparing your houseplants for fall, it’s also the best time to prepare your garden’s soil for spring planting. Here are six tips on how to prepare your fall garden for spring planting.


Prepare Your Fall Garden for Spring Planting

  • Harvest all of your remaining late-summer/early-fall produce and pull up all the plants. Discard any damaged or sick plants and compost the healthy plants.

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  • Rake the garden and clean all leaves and plants with signs of powdery mildew. Make sure to discard or throw plants with problems as this could cause similar problems the next season.

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  • Lay fallen leaves, shredded leaves, compost, and fertilizer in the garden bed and turn under the soil. You could also cover the fallen leaves, shredded leaves, and compost with soil by digging trenches. These will help make the soil healthy and ready for the spring season.
  • Gardeners suggest you could also plant a cover crop. The cover crop would act as green manure for your garden’s soil.
  • It’s important to take notes on what works and what doesn’t work when you prepare your fall garden for spring planting.

Sounds easy, but preparing your fall garden for the spring planting requires plenty of work. Don’t worry because it’s all worth it as you’ll have a bountiful harvest by spring or summer next year!

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