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Natural Pest Control: 11 Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful

Natural Pest Control: 11 Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful

Did you know there are bugs in your home that are not harmful?

It might be hard to believe, but not all insects are bad! Learning which bugs to welcome in your home can be beneficial for the household and your indoor plants. These insects might look scary and gross, however, they offer to clean your home of harmful pests. Below, you’ll get familiar with the good bugs around your house you should avoid killing and the benefits they bring.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful


Did you know that spiders aren’t actually insects? Instead, these fascinating creatures belong in the arachnid group of animals, characterized by fangs, eight legs, and chelicerae. Although most people are scared to death of spiders because they’re under the impression all spiders are venomous, that’s not quite the case. 
Yes, numerous dangerous spiders, such as the black widow, bite and release venom, but the ones in your home are very likely safe. The common spiders in households are not your enemies; therefore, you should avoid killing them. These animals feed on other insects and bugs (beetles, ants), so you can easily think of spiders as a form of natural pest control. What’s even more interesting is that home spiders kill more house pests than other predators you can think of. They might not be as powerful as chemical pest eradication, but they sure will make your life easier.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful

Honey Bees

Don’t even think about killing honey bees! Although they’re not an endangered bee species, these insects are an essential part of nature and the biome. So before you reach for your newspaper and start chasing a honey bee around your house, think of how beneficial it can be to your home and garden.
These insects are able to pollinate around 100 followers with each trip and also produce honey. So why would you even consider taking the life of such a magnificent creature? Since killing is out of the question, you still have to figure out how to remove them from your home. If you have a bee colony, you should get in touch with a beekeeper, and they’ll be able to provide them with a good home.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful


Ladybugs don’t pose a danger to you, your family, or your home. They can actually be a great addition to your home garden, fighting against common houseplant pests. If you’ve noticed that aphids, fruit flies, thrips, mealybugs, mites have made their way to your favorite green corner, ladybugs are here to save the day. One ladybug can snack on more than 50 pests each day and more than 5,000 pests in its lifetime.

Praying Mantis

The strange-looking praying mantis is a beneficial insect because they’re excellent pest predators. They can eat anything that gets in their way and protect your plants. One downside of seeing praying mantis around your home is that they can also feed on other good insects. These bugs will eliminate mosquitoes, mites, aphids, beetles, nocturnal moths, and much more. A surprising fact about the green, unusual praying insects is that they can even get rid of an entire frog or lizard with ease.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful


Centipedes and millipedes are some of the grossest, scariest insects a person can see. But, if you’ve always been freaked out by their appearance in your home, this article might change your mind. First of all, centipedes and millipedes aren’t as bad as they look because they can feed on harmful pests. Secondly, you shouldn’t let these insects invade your house, and you should keep them in control.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful


Bumblebees are one of the easiest to recognize flying insects. Since they’re rarely aggressive, these bees are unlikely to cause damage to your or your home. One of the most significant advantages of having a bumblebee in your household or outdoor garden is that it will pollinate plants. Only the female bumblebees can sting; however, they should be truly provoked to do so.

Green Lacewings

This is another interesting-looking insect that can serve as free pest control in your home. Since green lacewings attack aphids, caterpillars, mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, you can feel safer knowing that your home plants are safe. Additionally, their larvae can eat up to 200 pests per week! When you see a green lacewing, avoid touching it because it releases a foul smell.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful


Earwigs are not pleasant to the eye; however, they’re an excellent pest control method. These bugs will take care of decomposing parts of your houseplants and will even feed on dead insects. All you have to do is add a few insect-repelling plants and your green corner will be much safer from pests.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are such a nuisance due to the awful odor they release. Their outer shell is hard, and if you touch them with your fingers or crush them, get ready to deal with the worst scent ever. These bugs might smell, but they have a beneficial role in your garden. Since they can’t do any harm in your home, all you have to do is grab a piece of paper, get the stink bug and take it outdoors in your garden. That’s where they’ll get rid of hornworms, cabbage worms, potato beetles and serve their purpose.

Predatory Mites

These small mites aren’t the pest mites everyone’s afraid of. On the contrary, you need predatory pets to fight against pest mites, dangerous spiders, and other harmful mites in your home. They’re very, very small, so the chances are you won’t always notice them. These mites are usually tinier than a millimeter and move with the speed of light.
Bugs in Your Home That Are Not Harmful

Yellow Jacket Wasps

Wasps sound so dangerous! Although it can sting, the yellow jacket wasp isn’t as bad as it looks. When you first look at it, it will appear very much like a honey bee, and they have similar functions in your household. The primary role of a yellow jacket wasp is to pollinate your flowers, and the second one is to get rid of pests.


Not all insects are harmful! As you know by now, many bugs you’re scared of can be beneficial for your home. Thankfully, most of them are great predators that feed on pests, including mosquitoes, spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, mites, and more. The eleven good bugs include spiders, honey bees, ladybugs, praying mantis, centipedes, bumblebees, earwigs, green lacewings, stink bugs, predatory mites, and yellow jacket wasps. If you learn how to live with them, your garden and houseplants will be more than happy.

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