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Keep Your Plants Healthy With These 4 Low-Light Solutions

Keep Your Plants Healthy With These 4 Low-Light Solutions

Let there be (artificial) light with these low-light solutions.

It’s officially the fall season, and as we start to enjoy the cool weather and crisp autumn scent, let’s not forget to help our plants thrive during this season. Now that you’ve acclimated your plants to their new indoor environment, it’s also best to look for solutions on how to keep them healthy, like increasing the humidity, temperature, and looking for an alternative to sunlight since we’ll soon be having longer nights and shorter (and colder) days.

Aside from using grow lights, there are a few low-light solutions to help you sneak light this fall season.

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Low-Light Solutions

Hang Your Plants: If you lack floor space or room for extra lighting, we suggest using hanging planters. Not only does it save you floor space for your bigger plants, but it’s also an effective way to get more lighting, especially if you place it near a window or light source.

LED Lighting: Using grow lights is one of the efficient low-light solutions to keep your plants thriving this cold season. Grow lights can be used when you have limited light, seedlings to grow, or you want to properly propagate your indoor plants. LED grow lights are becoming more popular for gardeners because it costs less in terms of consuming electricity. However, LED grow lights do not produce too much heat, which can be harmful to seedlings and indoor plants. Buying a LED unit can be a bit pricey, but you can reduce costs since it lasts longer, has low energy usage, and is efficient as grow lights for indoor plants.

Magic Mirrors: While we’re all aware of how mirrors can make a space look brighter and more spacious, did you know that angling a mirror can lighten up a dark corner? This works well if you have limited space near your window or light source, and you have other plants that need sunlight as well. Other experts advise using a solar-powered machine to direct natural sunlight wherever you need it.

Look for Inventive Ways to Display: There are other low-light solutions you can try if you’re not a fan of hanging planters, like building shelves on the wall closest to the window or source of light or placing window-box planters or ladders to let your plants climb to their preferred light source.

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