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Keep Your Plants Happy With These 6 Indoor Plant Hacks

Keep Your Plants Happy With These 6 Indoor Plant Hacks

Make plant parenting easier and keep your plants thriving with these easy indoor plant hacks.

As plant parents, we’re always looking for ways to keep our plants happy and healthy. There are plenty of ways to make sure you’re plants are receiving the best care possible. So if you’re wondering how you can keep your greenery looking lush and lovely without killing them with too much love, try one of these indoor plant hacks.

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Indoor Plant Hacks

  • Create a Mini Greenhouse: Did you know that you can increase the humidity of your space by creating a mini greenhouse? It’s actually simple, and you can use household items to make your own mini greenhouse. Place your plants in a clear jar or jug and cover them with clear plastic or lid.
  • Dust the Leaves: Your plants can only produce food if their leaves are clean and dust-free. Wipe the leaves of your plants with a damp cloth or paper towel.
  • Rotate Your Plants: This is one of the indoor plant hacks to provide your plants an even growth. By rotating your plants, you’re distributing the light in a much more balanced way. Next time you water your plant babies, don’t forget to rotate them and give the other leaves a chance a grow well.
  • Use Coffee Grounds: Instead of throwing your coffee grounds, why not mix them into your plant’s soil? Coffee grounds can be used as a natural fertilizer for your plants.
  • Use Recycled Water: Have you ever used recycled water for your plants, like any water that’s used to boil vegetables, pasta, rice, or eggs? Giving your plant recycled water is ideal because the water contains nutrients and will serve as a homemade fertilizer. However, let it cool down first, and don’t use it in case you added salt since salt is toxic to plants.
  • Water Your Plants With a Wine Bottle: In case you’re going out of town for weeks, and you can’t find anyone to water for your plants while you’re gone, we suggest using a wine bottle to slowly water your plants for a few days. Simply make tiny holes on the cap, fill the empty bottle with water, and insert the bottleneck into the soil.

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