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Keep Your Plants Happy With These 5 Summer Plant Care Tips

Keep Your Plants Happy With These 5 Summer Plant Care Tips

Your indoor plants are affected as the seasons change and as the temperature rises. Keep them happy and thriving this summer with our summer plant care tips!

Summer is finally here! We’ve all waited for these long days and warm nights to go on a picnic or spend some time at the beach. However, while spending time under the sun is fun, let’s not forget our houseplants. Houseplants love summer too since it’s their growing season, but it’s also the season wherein you need to closely monitor your houseplants because of the hot temperature, strong sunlight, and water adjustments. Read on our summer plant care tips that will help your plants thrive during this season.

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Avoid Leaving the A/C on

We know that it’s tempting to blast the A/C on during this season, but it’s best to chill on the air conditioner. As a rule of thumb, keep all indoor plants away from your A/C. If it’s not possible due to the hot weather, set the temperature a little higher for your indoor plants. Remember that most indoor plants come from tropical environments, so it’s best to mimic the warm and humid conditions if you want to keep your plants alive. Plus, your indoor plants will be happy and you’ll save money on your energy bill.


Check Sun Exposure

One of the summer plant care tips is to check the light levels or sun exposure since sunlight and temperature during this season are much stronger and hotter compared to spring. We recommend placing a sheer curtain over the window to filter the bright, direct sunlight or move your plants a little further away from the window to avoid sunburn or leaf burn.

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It’s also best to turn your indoor plants once every week for equal light distribution and growth. If you’re not sure if your plant is receiving the type of light, check out the sunlight trick from Interflora.


Feed Your Plants

The summer season is the best time to feed your plants since it’s their growing season. Feed your plants in the growing season, which is spring and summer, to give your plant a little boost and to promote growth. Avoid feeding your plants in the fall and winter. Choose a fertilizer with an NPK ratio. Always follow the instructions on fertilizer labels since too much can kill your plant. We know that you mean well, but too much fertilizer is unhealthy for your plant.

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Keep Your Plants Hydrated

One of the summer plant care tips is to keep them hydrated by watering your plants more often. Since the weather is sunny and hot, your plant’s soil will dry out much faster and you’ll likely water your plants twice a day, especially if you moved your plants outdoors. It’s best to water plants in the early morning or evening to avoid plant burn and water evaporation. You can also retain water and moisture in your plant’s soil by adding rocks or mulch.

If you’re going away on a vacation, you can either ask a friend to watch over your plants or follow our tricks on how to keep your plants alive while you’re away.

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Move Your Indoor Plants Outdoors

We only recommend moving your indoor plants outside if you have extra attention and time to keep an eye on them since transitioning your indoor plants to the outdoors requires extra commitment to make sure they survive the transition.

You are not the only one who loves the sunny days of summer, your indoor plants too! Start by placing your indoor plants in a nicely shaded area. Give them time to take in the fresh air for a few hours every day. Then gradually move them to an area with a little sunshine. Slowly increase their time outdoors, as well. Do this process for a couple of weeks until your plants are well adapted to their outdoor environment.

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Follow these summer plant care tips so that both you and your plants can enjoy the warm, sunny days this season!

Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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