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How to Wrap Trees With Outdoor Lights in 6 Easy Steps

How to Wrap Trees With Outdoor Lights in 6 Easy Steps

Make your garden look festive for the holidays by learning how to wrap trees with outdoor lights!

There’s nothing more inviting, fun, and magical than looking at twinkling lights no matter what the season is, but for us, outdoor lights look the best during the holidays. It makes the ambiance more festive and nostalgic.

Most lighting is suitable for most types of trees, like Palm Trees and Yucca. Experts suggest that bare leafless trees are the ideal trees to decorate with horizontal-spreading lights or hanging lights. Meanwhile, Palm trees are ideal for wrapping vertical-spreading lights or lights that will draw your eye upward.

Garden experts recommend using LED lights as outdoor lights for trees and plants. Aside from their efficiency, LED lights also last longer compared to standard incandescent bulbs. Even though they cost quite a bit more, they are definitely worth it because they pay for themselves long before they completely burn out.

Additionally, LED lights provide a variety of colors, such as warm white LED lights can create a nice, warm glow, and cool white provides a bluish glow. You can choose colorful LEDs if you want to make your garden look festive and vibrant.

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Materials You’ll Need


  • Ladder
  • Outdoor-rated extension cord


  • Outdoor light strands
  • Twine or plant tape

How to Wrap Trees With Outdoor Lights

Choose the Trees for Lighting

Choose the tree or trees you want to decorate with lights. We suggest choosing a tree that creates a focal point in your garden or backyard. You can also choose trees that have odd shapes of branches. Keep in mind that the bigger the tree, the more lights you’ll need to decorate it with. It’s best to choose the right size for the number of lights you have or are willing to buy.

Test the Light Strands

Test each strand of lights and carefully check if all lights are working. You don’t want to decorate your trees with several burn out lights.

Lay Out the Cord

The next step on how to wrap trees with outdoor lights is to lay out the cord to the base of the tree. Make sure that the cord has GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter for protection against shock hazards. Examine where the visible base of the tree is and place the cord end at this point. To make it more secured, wrap the cord around the base of the tree, then plug the first strand of lights into the extension cord.

Wind Up the Trunk

It’s time to wrap the lights around the tree’s trunk. Carefully move upwards as you wind. Use your hand to check and ensure even spacing. An even spaced light will make your tree look its best.

Run Up and Down the Limbs

After wrapping the lights around the tree’s trunk, the next step is to warp the lights on the tree’s branches. Use two hands to measure the spacing of the lights. Once you’ve reached the end of the branch, reverse direction and wrap the string back down. Use a ladder to reach higher areas. Ask for help if you need to climb more than 6 feet high.

Secure the String

Secure the lights by tying the string to the tree with tape or twine. Never use metal wire as this could create shock or fire.

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