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How to Protect Your Garden From Drought in 5 Ways

How to Protect Your Garden From Drought in 5 Ways

Take these simple steps to protect your garden from drought this summer!

While we all love to bask under the sun and enjoy the clear weather, it’s important to also check if your plants are doing well this summer. Some plants love the summer heat, especially tropical plants and drought-tolerant plants. However, some plants won’t thrive in this heat. They can be stressed and need more attention and water to survive. If you’re worried that your garden plants might be stressed from the summer heat and dry soil, here are easy ways to protect your plant babies!

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Feed Your Plants

Spring and summer are considered the growing season of your plants, especially during summer. It’s best to feed your plants for them to grow well. Plus, a well-nourished plant can better withstand drought and heat.

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Improve Your Plant’s Soil

One of the ways to protect your garden from drought is to improve the soil. You could create your own garden soil or potting mix by combining peat moss, garden loam, perlite, and fertilizer.

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Make Sure to Water Properly

If you move your plants outside this summer, you might need to water them twice a day since their soil easily dries up in this heat. Make sure to water every morning, before 10 AM. Avoid watering your plants during noon since the water will just evaporate immediately, and your plants might not fully absorb it.

Protect Your Plants With Mulch

Avoid dry leaves and brown tips by retaining moisture with mulch. Place mulch in your plant’s soil to keep them cool, which is helpful this summer season.

Harvest Rainwater

We know that it’s quite impossible to get rain during this summer, but sometimes Mother Earth can be unpredictable. Harvest rainwater by using barrels and trenches. Rainwater will help protect your garden from drought and can flush out any harmful minerals from your plant’s soil.

These are the simple ways you can protect your garden from drought. What are your tips to protect your plants this summer?

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