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How to Make a DIY Plant Chandelier

How to Make a DIY Plant Chandelier

We found a stunning and unique way to display your plants: a DIY plant chandelier!

Collecting plants can be fun and addicting, so it’s no surprise that you might not have enough floor space for another plant. Would that stop you from adding another plant? Of course not! Because we found the perfect DIY project you can do to display your plants: a plant chandelier!

We know it sounds intimidating, but it’s actually simple once you break it down into easy steps. The best part? It’s budget-friendly, and it’s customizable for every plant parent. Plus, it creates a focal point in your space, like your work area or dining room.

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The key to creating a DIY plant chandelier is to choose plants that can thrive once you hang them from your ceiling, like ferns and succulents. You can also try combining varieties of eucalyptus or lavender if you plan on using flowers. Make sure to hang the plant chandelier in a space with enough light, as well.

A DIY plant chandelier works both indoors and outdoors, but if you’re planning to hang it outside, it’s best to use outdoor plants that can thrive once exposed to different elements. Water the plant chandelier once a week or every 10 days. We also suggest spraying them to keep the leaves moist. Every month, take the plant chandelier down and give the plants a refreshing bath with a hose.

Materials You’ll Need for a DIY Plant Chandelier

  • Wire wreath rings
  • Eyebolts and washers
  • Floral wire
  • Hammer
  • Moss
  • Plants or flowers
  • S-hooks
  • Small garden trowel
  • Soil
  • Steel cable

Steps to Make a DIY Plant Chandelier

STEP 1: Create the Base: The first step to our DIY plant chandelier is to make the base with moss and dirt in the wire wreath rings. For this plant chandelier version, you’ll need two wire wreath rings: an 8-inch diameter and a 14-inch wire wreath ring. Take the backs off of them and fill them with moss as the base. Add a thin layer of moist soil on top of the live moss for your plants to root in. Make sure to add just a little as the plant chandelier can get heavy, and it might not be safe to hang. Remember, less is more.

STEP 2: Place Your Plants and Flowers: Once the base is set, flip the wreath form and dig little holes in the moss and soil, and carefully place your plants and flowers into the space. Balance out the weight of the plants and flowers, so it won’t be lopsided once you hang it. Wrap the frame and plants with floral wire so the plants won’t fall off.

STEP 3: Hang the DIY Plant Chandelier: Using eye bolts and washers, anchor and hang the plant chandelier in the ceiling. Use medium-size S-hooks and steel cable to connect the wire wreath rings. Make sure to hang it in a space where it’ll get enough sunlight. Don’t forget to water your plant chandelier every week. Once you take proper care of your plant chandelier, it’ll make your space bright and fresh for months!

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