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How to Flush a Plant in 4 Easy Steps

How to Flush a Plant in 4 Easy Steps

Keep your plant’s soil healthy by learning these steps on how to flush a plant.

Plant pros recommend flushing your plant’s soil from time to time because of the build-up of salt, hard water minerals, and other minerals. These minerals can be harmful to your plant’s health as they can reduce the quality of the soil. Most of the time, container plants or potted plants suffer from this problem compared to garden plants or outdoor plants because there’s no rainfall and deep irrigation that would flush the plant’s soil. Keep your plant’s soil healthy and wash out the excess nutrients in the pot with these easy steps on how to flush a plant.

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How to Flush a Plant

Step 1: Check the pot’s drainage holes for any blockages. Break up compacted soil and any roots near the drainage hole by inserting the eraser end of a pencil or pen. This will help drain the water while flushing your plant. Poke at least an inch through the soil so the plant’s pot can drain freely.

Step 2: Place your plant in a sink or bathtub or an outdoor area where the water runoff won’t cause a mess or any issue.

Step 3: Carefully pour water on your plant’s soil. Check if the water is getting drained properly. Pour slowly to avoid overflow. Plant pros recommend using approximately four times the pot’s volume. For example, a gallon of water for a quart pot.

Step 4: Allow your plant to drain the water completely before returning it to its spot. It would at least take two or three hours for this process. Place a drip tray under the plant and discard any excess water it would collect.

Remove harsh deposits and keep your plant’s roots and soil healthy by following these easy steps on how to flush a plant. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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