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How to Care for Your Holiday Flowers and Plants

How to Care for Your Holiday Flowers and Plants

Whether you’re trying to get your Christmas Cactus to thrive or you want your wreath to last the whole season, here’s how to care for your holiday flowers and plants.

The holiday season can drive us all crazy with an endless list of tasks to finish, so the last thing we all want to do is worry about our plants and flowers. However, we know you won’t be able to ignore your plants and flowers. To help you keep your plants and flowers alive this whole season, we have a few simple tips on how to care for your holiday flowers and plants. It will only take a few minutes to check on your plants and flowers this season.

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How to Care for Your Holiday Flowers and Plants



Amaryllis is one of our favorite holiday flowers because it instantly adds beauty and color to the space. It’s also a perfect Christmas gift idea for the hostess. Plus, if you properly take care of them, they can live for years. If you want your Amaryllis to thrive, it’s best to plant them on a pot and never let the bulb freeze. Make sure to place them in good potting soil and let the top third of the bulb sit above the soil. Water them at least every three days or once a week.


Christmas Greenery

Think of wreaths, garlands, mistletoe, and other greenery you’d put on display during the holiday season. If you want this greenery to last for the whole season, soak them in buckets of water overnight. It will prevent them from getting crispy. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight and heat.


The elegant and beautiful Paperwhite is one of the popular holiday flowers. It’s a great décor if you have a white-themed Christmas style. Keep the bulbs of Paperwhites evenly moist and be careful not to overwater. If you notice your Paperwhites are leggy, give them a shot of alcohol, like vodka or tequila. Mix a capful of alcohol into a quart of water. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight.


Of course, Poinsettia is one of the most popular Christmas flowers. You can see them everywhere! From wreaths to garlands to tree ornaments. However, did you know Poinsettia is not fond of cold temperatures? It’s best to give them plenty of sunlight and water them daily, but make sure to check the soil’s dryness before giving them a drink.


Potted Christmas Tree

It’s easy to keep your potted Christmas tree alive. Simply place a metal galvanized water pan under the pot. Be sure to check if the pot has drainage holes. You’ll have a healthy-looking tree all season long! Pretty easy, right?

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