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How to Care for Your Calathea Medallion

How to Care for Your Calathea Medallion

Easy care tips on how to care for your Calathea Medallion plant! They are one one of Mother Nature's most beautiful creations. You will love it, promise.

Calathea Medallion AKA Calathea veitchiana is arguably one of the most beautiful low-light plants. They are pretty popular to plant enthusiasts because of their large, "medallion"-like leaves: a brilliant green pattern on top, and a deep burgundy underneath. However, I do not recommend this plant for beginners or busy bees because it requires a bit of extra TLC to keep this plant happy and healthy. Read on to learn simple plant care tips and solutions on how to care for your Calathea Medallion.

Fun Fact: Observe your Calathea Medallion plant during night time because some Calathea Medallion varieties fold up slightly during the night time, revealing the colorful undersides of their striking leaves.

Calathea Medallion is part of the prayer plant family that sometimes people call it prayer-plants, but they are not true prayer-plants. The difference between Calathea Medallion and prayer-plants is in their leaves. Prayer plants' leaves fold upright at the base of the stem resembling praying hands. Meanwhile, if the leaves of your Calathea Medallion would curl up from the outer edges inward toward the central vein, check the environment because this means there's a problem with the environment where you placed your Calathea Medallion .

Calatheas are tropical plants that can grow from 6 to 36 inches at most. This plant loves an environment with higher humidity, low-light, and moderate soil moisture.

Botanical Name Calathea veitchiana
Common Name Medallion Calathea
Plant Size Some Calathea plants usually will only grow to about 2 feet in height, but its ultimate height can reach up to 40 to 60cm.
Types of Calathea Plants Calathea Crocata, Calathea Lancifolia, Calathea Makoyana, Calathea Orbifolia, Calathea Ornata, Calathea Ornata 'Sanderiana', Calathea Roseopicta, Calathea Roseopicta 'Dottie', Calathea Roseopicta 'Rosey', Calathea Rufibarba, Calathea Warscewiczii, and Calathea Zebrina
Sunlight Calathea Medallion needs medium to bright indirect light. Avoid placing your calathea plant under direct sunlight because it will burn the leaves.
Water Keep your Calathea Medallion moist by maintaining a regular watering schedule, but do not let the soil get soak in water for too long or every time you water it.
Humidity Since Calathea Medallion is originally a tropical plant, it prefers an environment with higher humidity. It's best to place it in areas of your home like your bathroom or kitchen.
Temperature Calathea Medallion enjoys the warmth. It prefers temperature between 65-85 degrees.
Toxicity Non-toxic to animals and humans, but it is said that they're pretty tasty, so it's best to keep it away from your pets if you want your plant to live.
Food It's recommended to use a general houseplant fertilizer with iron every four weeks during the spring and summer. You don't have to feed your Calathea Medallion during winter because that's when plant growth naturally slows.
Pests and Problems Calathea Medallion plants are prone to spider mites. Use room-temperature water and pay special attention to the bottom of the leaves. It's best to spray the plant with a hose to remove the mites. If the leaves on your Calathea are curling, then you're either overwatering or underwatering. If the leaves on your Calathea are turning brown on the edges, then this could be due to your tap water that contains salts, chlorine, minerals, and fluoride, which are harmful to your plant.
Omysa Plant Care Tip Mist your Calathea Medallion plants often to keep it happy and healthy.
How to Care for Your Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion Plant Care Tips

As I have mentioned that calathea medallion requires a bit of extra TLC to keep their unique leaves perky and shining. Here's a complete explanation of how to care for your Calathea Medallion, from sunlight requirement to common problems and its solutions.


First on our list on how to care for your Calathea Medallion is to place it in an area where it can get medium to bright indirect light. However, it can also tolerate low indirect light.

Common Problem: If you notice that the beautiful leaf colors of your Calathea Medallion are fading, then it means that your plant is receiving too much direct sun that it's starting to burn the leaves.

Solution: Place your Calathea Medallion in an area where the sun doesn't shine too much, like in your bathroom or kitchen, where the sunlight is just enough to keep your plant alive.


It's recommended to create a regular watering schedule to keep your Calathea Medallion's soil moist. However, avoid soaking its soil in water. Also, keep in mind that this is not a drought-tolerant indoor plant. It can thrive if you missed to water it from time to time, but it will slowly die if you don't water it properly.

Common Problem: If the leaves of your Calathea Medallion are curling, then it means that the soil is dry. Signs that your Calathea Medallion's soil is completely dry if you see its leaves droop, go limp and possibly start to brown and curl. Again, it's not a drought-tolerant indoor plant.

Solution: Keep a consistent watering schedule. Water your Calathea Medallion when the top 1"-2" of the soil is dry.

Common Problem: If the leaves of your Calathea Medallion are turning brown on the edges, then it means that the quality of the water is harmful to the plant.

Solution: As I have mentioned before, tap water is not suitable for plants because it contains salts, chlorine, minerals, and fluoride, which causes the tips of the leaves to burn, curl up, and turn brown. Filter the water by either using a water filtration system or by leaving the water in an open container overnight.

Humidity & Temperature

Next on our list on how to care for your Calathea Medallion is to place it in a high humid environment. For example, in your bathroom or kitchen area. Also, your Calathea Medallion plant loves a warm environment, preferably between 65-85 degrees.

Common Problem: If the leaves of your Calathea Medallion start to brown up or curl, then it means that the environment is too dry.

Solution: Mist it with lukewarm water regularly. This plant loves moisture, so it's best to mist it every day or use a pebble tray. Also, avoid cold drafts and sudden temperature changes to keep your Calathea Medallion happy and healthy.


Good news because Calathea Medallion is a non-toxic plant to humans and pets. However, it's tasty, so protect them from your pets.


Another on our list on how to care for your Calathea Medallion is to feed them with a general houseplant fertilizer with iron (15-15-15) every month or during the growing season, which is spring and summer. Cut the fertilizer in winter completely.

Common Problem: Your Calathea Medallion becomes leggy or is starting to wilt.

Solution: Avoid over-fertilizing your plant, especially during winter. Your Calathea Medallion might be suffering from root burn that could cause its death.

Pests & Other Problems

Calathea Medallion is prone to pests like aphids. mealybugs, and spider mites. To get rid of these bugs, bath your plants regularly by using a hose to wash these pests away. Another solution is to boosts the humidity by turning your humidifier on high or spraying your plant with water.

Another problem with the Calathea Medallion plant is its leaves will get dusty from time to time, so make sure to clean them with a damp cloth. Also, never use any leaf shine products on your plant.

That's a wrap on how to care for your Calathea Medallion. Well, it's not as easy as taking care of Pothos, but it's definitely worth it because purifies the air that you breathe, and it's great decor to your home.

Grow your plant knowledge. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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Catherine S Hermens - December 2, 2020

Hello I received my Calathea " Cynthia " today and she was the best looking plant I have received yet…she was well secure and put in a pot and the roots were secured with this clear green tape which I have not ever seen before wrapped around the roots …she was a perfect start and my new baby girl….I couldn’t have asked for a better start from this nursery online and this nursery was even cheaper than my other 2 that was even counting shipping so I am pleased and I am going to be ordering another one from this nursery soon..I keep my house 72 degrees all year round until summer when the air is put on and that is central air coming from the heater but I stay cold all year round so I keep the heat on as long as I can without smothering and I am getting an automatic mister that will go on everyday so my plants will get misted …I have taken my night meds so my brain is not working properly right now but you know what I am talking about …I am putting one in my bedroom also where my my Calathea White Fusion is …I baby all my plants and treat them with a lot of really hurts me to see my Calathea Roseopitica IV not make it but I got it in very poor shape and the start was poorly wrapped and the start was horrible and because of the heat and taking along time getting here she was so stressed out already and when I planted her she just looked like she wouldn’t make it ..I got her in the summer …she just went bye bye…I feel sad for her …I use bottle water for my 2 Calatheas and tap water for my Cactuses and my Succulents …is it ok to put rocks around like I have my Cactuses and Succulents….they are tiny like pebbles that I get from the nursery when I get my plants from them they put the pebbles in their cactus and succulents they send me ….the soil I use for all my plant is Miracle Grow and I put the date on my plants when I plant them…that has fertilizer already in it … Sorry I talked to you for so long but I am very happy about my babies and this is my 1ST year doing my plants so I am so proud of myself …I have a 9 year old Cat and she watches me all the time watering them and she don’t like me messing with them cause she is jealous I am not spending all my time with her…she is a one person cat but she is my daughter my family and my everything …take care and stay safe and well ….. Princess Spirit Raven Blue Eyes ❤️…AHAN ❤️ …..

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