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Houseplant Fall Checklist: Prepare Your Indoor Plants for the Fall Season

Houseplant Fall Checklist: Prepare Your Indoor Plants for the Fall Season

Help your indoor plants get ready for the fall season with this houseplant fall checklist.

We only have a few weeks left before we officially say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall season and fall transitions. Aside from cleaning and decorating your home, it’s also best to create a houseplant fall checklist and routine to tackle your houseplants’ needs accordingly.

If you moved your houseplants outdoors this summer, we advise you to check the nighttime temperature and bring your houseplants back inside when the temperature reaches below 55°F to 60°F.

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Plant experts advise you to acclimate your houseplants and prepare them as early as now for the fall season. By early fall, you should’ve finished showering them to remove pests, repotting, trimming, and fertilizing them. By doing these fall plant care checkups, you can be somehow sure that most of your plant babies will survive the colder months.

Houseplant Fall Checklist:

During Early Autumn

  • Acclimate houseplants before bringing them in.
  • Debug your houseplants and trim damaged leaves or stems.
  • Repot (if needed) and feed your houseplants.


  • Check your home’s fall light and decide the best spot to locate your plants.
  • Avoid placing your plants near cold windows, drafty areas, radiators, vents, and heaters.

Routine Care

  • Water less! Check the moisture of your plant’s soil with a moisture meter or with your fingers.
  • Water only when the soil is dry or when the top inch of the soil is dry.

Prevention Care

  • Monitor houseplants for pests and diseases. Treat sick or pest-infested houseplants immediately.
  • Increase your home’s humidity with a humidifier, pebble tray, or by grouping your plants together.

Keep your plants happy and healthy for the fall season by changing your plant care routine and following this houseplant fall checklist.

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