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Gardening With Kids: 7 Tips for Getting Kids Into the Garden

Gardening With Kids: 7 Tips for Getting Kids Into the Garden

Gardening with kids is a fun activity and a very rewarding experience. Here are effective ways on how to get your kids to join you grow plants and enjoy the dreamy colors of flowers and butterflies.

Kids are curious about everything. You may notice how they keep asking questions or how they’ll stop and start observing the little things. One of the best ways to nurture and teach your kids is through nature. Have you ever seen kids get so mesmerized by a flower or plant? The enchanted and curious looks on their faces the first time they smell the flowers or identify the colors of the plants.

Gardening with kids is such a rewarding activity, that is if you can make them get out and help you with easy gardening tasks. Plus, nature can teach plenty of valuable lessons to your children, such as the importance of plants to our health and planet.

So if you’re thinking of special ways to bond with your little ones, we highly recommend sharing your love for gardening with them. Even the simple task of sprinkling seeds on the soil can be the start of their lifelong love of flowers and gardening.

Gardening With Kids Tips

  1. Give your kids room to grow, like creating a portion of your garden or giving them a container to make their own garden. If you have a limited garden space, let them choose an easy plant they can grow and take care of.
  2. Get your kids to join you from the start, and yes, let them be part of the planning process, like letting them choose pictures from old garden magazines or catalogs. Ask them what kind of plant or flower they want to grow. You can also make it even more fun by letting them draw their selected plant or flower. Match the planning process with your kids’ ability and interest.
  3. It’s much easier to attract kids to the idea of gardening when there are lots of colors involved. Kids are naturally attracted to anything colorful, so keep in mind to choose plants, flowers, or crops of different colors to make them love gardening. The designing part can always come later.
  4. Select a few fun plants when gardening with kids. Choose plants and flowers that will amuse them or plants with unusual names, like pancake plant or Bat-faced cuphea or sleepy plant (Mimosa pudica).
  5. To develop your kids’ love for gardening, make it a fun activity by adding games, like having a weed-pulling contest. Just make sure to keep an eye on them and help them when needed.
  6. Make them your pest killer by using the method pluck, drop, and stomp. This brilliant idea was created by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario. Teach your kids to identify the bad bugs, then pick them off the plants (make sure to give them gloves), drop them on the ground, and stomp them. Trust us, your kids will absolutely enjoy killing the bad bugs.
  7. To save your garden from getting stomped on, it’s best to raise the bed or use an edge of pavers or wood to help you define the garden space. This will teach your little helpers to keep their feet out of the garden space.

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