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DIY Floral-Style Succulent Centerpiece in 6 Easy Steps

DIY Floral-Style Succulent Centerpiece in 6 Easy Steps

Set your table from the rest with our easy DIY floral-style succulent centerpiece.

Decorating your dining table for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other occasions can be exciting and overwhelming. Exciting since you have plenty of gorgeous ideas, but it’s overwhelming because you have no idea how to bring these ideas to life. We’re totally on the same page with you that’s why we always suggest starting with easy centerpiece ideas that you can easily do.

Today, we’ll share one of our favorite table centerpiece DIY projects, which is the DIY floral-succulent centerpiece. It’s eye-catching, and it can make your Thanksgiving or Christmas table complete.

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Materials You’ll Need

  • Wooden urn 12 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall with a basin 3 inches deep
  • Different types of succulents
  • Crushed rock
  • Satin or velvet bow (optional)

Steps to Create DIY Floral-Style Succulent Centerpiece

STEP 1: Line the basin by cutting a circle from a trash bag or a heavy mil plastic. Fill the basin with potting mix or soil apt for succulents. Using your palms, press down the soil to compress it. Put more potting soil in the middle of the basin, at least several inches high. Think of making a little hill. Make sure that the soil slopes down below the rim.

STEP 2: In the center, carefully place the large succulent you have. It’s best to pick succulents according to the size of the container or urn and their light & watering needs.

STEP 3: Carefully place smaller succulents or plants around the center. Make sure that the succulents or plants are facing outward at a slight angle.

STEP 4: Once you’re happy with the whole arrangement, conceal some gaps with crushed rocks. We also suggest carefully pushing the roots of the plants into the soil by using a chopstick.

STEP 5: Gently brush spilled soil off the rim and the leaves, then water lightly. Since there’s no drainage, it’s best to water the succulents lightly, about once a week. If you can drill a hole at the bottom of the urn, then it would be perfect. However, for practical reasons, it’s best to water it lightly once a week.

STEP 6: Wrap the urn with a satin or velvet bow and place the centerpiece on your dining table.

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