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Brighten Up Your Home With These 10 Colorful Indoor Plants

Brighten Up Your Home With These 10 Colorful Indoor Plants

Decorate your home with these cheerful colorful indoor plants because we all know that sometimes plain green isn’t simply enough.

Your home deserves a plant or two or maybe four. It’s the perfect décor to add color and life to your space. Some opt to add vases of beautiful and fresh flowers, but sooner or later, they fade. If you want to make your home look vibrant all year, we recommend adding these colorful indoor plants!



Croton is one of the colorful indoor plants because it appears in a variety of colors, leaf shapes, and sizes. It’s an attention stealer because of its broad and glossy green leaves splashed with black, cream, orange, pink, purple, red, or yellow. Croton plant has a reputation for being fussy and high maintenance. Similar to the Fiddle Leaf Fig, it doesn’t like to be moved because it causes shock and stress, which results in leaf loss.

Croton plant requires six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day to maintain and produce its gorgeous foliage. Check if the soil is dry before watering to avoid overwatering and root rot.


Ti Plant

Ti plants grow in a wide variety of colors, such as chocolate, green, red, pink, orange, or a combination of all of these. Let the soil dry out between watering. Ti plants require four to six hours of direct sunlight each day.


Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plant, also known as freckle face plant is one of the eye-catching colorful indoor plants because of its brightly spotted leaves. You might have seen one of its kind, a plant with a pink base color with green spots. Polka dot plant thrives under bright, indirect light. Keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen, also known as Philippine evergreen, is a decorative indoor plant because of its dark green, silver, and red leaves. It requires bright, indirect light, but it can also thrive well under part-shade. Keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it.



Bromeliad is one of the colorful indoor plants that can instantly add an exotic touch and tropical vibes to your home with its gorgeous and unique appearance. The Bromeliad plant requires bright, sunny spaces. You can place your Bromeliad plant in a south-facing window. Water your Bromeliad plant once a week. It’s important to keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

African Violets

One of the most beautiful and wonderful indoor plants because of its violet-like flowers in shades of blue, lavender, pink, purple, or red. African Violets require bright, indirect sunlight. Rotate the pot once a week, so all leaves receive light. Water your African Violet when the soil is dry.


Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is one of the fast-growing and low-maintenance colorful indoor plants. It grows best under bright, indirect light. Keep the soil moist by watering it weekly, but avoid overwatering it.

Purple Passion Plant

The purple passion plant is a popular indoor plant because of its velvet texture in shades of emerald and purple. It’s one of the indoor plants that can thrive in sunny windows since it loves bright light. The brighter the light, the deeper and richer the color of its leaves. Keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it.


Triostar Stromanthe

It’s one of the colorful indoor plants famous for its full variegate green-and-white leaves that glow with pinkish hues. The Stromanthe Triostar loves sunlight so much that this plant would literally reach for the stars as the sunlight fades. Seriously. It’s best to place your plant in a warm, well-lit spot. Never put your Stromanthe Triostar under direct sunlight. Keep the soil slightly damp, but not soggy. Water your Stromanthe Triostar when the top inch of the soil is dry.



Fittonia is an attention stealer because of its striking patterned foliage. It can tolerate any type of lighting, but it prefers bright, indirect light. Keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy.

Enliven your home by adding a pot or two of these colorful indoor plants! You can also check out our hard-to-kill houseplants if you’re a beginner. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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