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Best 10 Sound Absorbing Indoor Plants

Best 10 Sound Absorbing Indoor Plants

Yes, it’s real! These sound absorbing indoor plants can absorb up to 50% of the sound energy in your home.

You might be skeptical if indoor plants can absorb noise, so we decided to try it out and made an experiment if it’s real. We were surprised with the result because these indoor plants can reduce sound energy by up to 50%. Of course, it depends on the quantity and their placement.

There are three ways indoor plants can reduce noise levels: deflection, absorption, and refraction. Either they bounce and break the sound into other forms of energy, absorb it, or eliminate the echoes. If you’re planning to add these sound absorbing indoor plants, don’t be afraid to buy a few more because the more sound absorbing indoor plants you have, the more it’ll help reduce the noise in your space. make sure to place it in rooms or areas where you want to reduce the noise levels, such as your home office, bedroom, kitchen, or living space.

Baby’s Tears

One of the most effective sound absorbing indoor plants when hung is baby’s tears. They are dense and drapes themselves over the pot. Baby’s tears grow best in moist, well-drained soil. Place it in a spot where it will receive part shade to full shade.


Since ferns’ wide leaves spread out and can cover quite a bit of space, it’s also considered to be an effective noise-reducing plant. Plus, they look good anywhere! Ferns require regular watering and plenty of bright, indirect light.


Janet Craig

Janet Craig plant is a dense plant from top to bottom makes it one of the best sound absorbing indoor plants. Similar to ferns, the leaves of the Janet Craig plant can cover quite a bit of space. It absorbs the sound and bounces it around the plant. We recommend adding at least one Janet Craig plant in your bedroom or home office.


Norfolk Island Pine

Adding lots of Norfolk Island Pine in your home would feel like walking in a quiet forest. It’s that effective in absorbing noise. The crisscross pattern traps the sound that helps effectively block noise.


Areca Palm

Since Areca palms can stretch out and easily fill areas, it also makes an effective noise-reducing plant. Areca palms require bright, indirect light. Keep the soil moist during spring and summer.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig is also great at absorbing noise because of its wide leaves. Keep in mind that fiddle leaf fig hates being moved around. Place it in a spot where it can get bright, indirect light. Water at least once a week.


Money Tree

Aside from bringing fortune and wealth, the money tree is also one of the best sound absorbing indoor plants because of its thick stalk that helps push the sound or noise up into the wide leaves. Money trees’ leaves will then trap the noise inside.


Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of our favorite sound absorbing indoor plants because of its thick, broad leaves. Plus, they’re really easy to care for and can handle a bit of neglect. Its leaves will start to droop if it’s thirsty. Peace lily prefers light partial shade.


Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are known for their thick, glossy leaves which helps in absorbing noise. Plus, they’re tall indoor plants that can cover a large surface. Additionally, they’re easy to care for. Rubber plants thrive in medium to bright, indirect light. Let the soil dry out before watering.


Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig is a dense plant which makes it one of the best sound absorbing indoor plants. Its branches and leaves are great at absorbing sound and noise. Place it in rooms where it can get plenty of bright, indirect light. Water only when the top several inches of the soil is dry.

Soundproof your home with these sound absorbing indoor plants. Trust us, they are really effective in reducing noise! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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