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Beat the Winter Blues With These 10 Fun Indoor Garden Ideas

Beat the Winter Blues With These 10 Fun Indoor Garden Ideas

Breathe life into your space with these easy and fun indoor garden ideas for any home size.

Most people think that gardening is an outdoor activity, but you can actually flex your green thumb inside, too. Additionally, nothing cures boredom and sadness like caring for plants, especially this winter season. So, if you’re looking for productive and creative ways to redecorate your home with plants, these indoor garden ideas will definitely cheer you up and brighten your home.

Flower Garden

Creating a flower garden is one of the budget-friendly ways you can enjoy springy blooms without stepping outside. Some of our favorite houseplants are the Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis, African Violet, and Peace Lily. They are all low-maintenance, and you can make them rebloom each year.

DIY Planters

One of the best indoor garden ideas is to make your own planters, like this colorful boho fringe planter from Apartment Therapy. You can recreate the look by visiting the tutorial here.

Create Your Own Herb Garden

Having a herb garden in your kitchen is pretty convenient when you need to take your cooking to the next level. You can take a piece of wood and clear jars to create your own herb garden. Don’t forget to label each plant!

Vertical Garden

The vertical garden is one of the most common indoor garden ideas, especially for small space dwellers and renters who want to get their security deposit back. You can either hang them to your ceiling or hang them on your wall using a removable hook.


Decorate Table With Plants

A tabletop garden is one of the easiest indoor garden ideas to add a pop of color to any room in your home. It can either be a group of herb plants, succulents, or flowering plants.


Ladder Garden for Small Spaces

If you have an old ladder, decorate your space with a tiered indoor garden. You can also make your own ladder with pieces of wood and hang small indoor plants, such as air plants, succulents, and cacti.

Living Wall/Propagation Wall

plant wall/propagation wall is one of the best ideas to turn your empty, boring walls. Plus, setting up a propagation station is an inexpensive way to multiply your plants.


Chic Corner Garden

A corner garden is an easy way to add greenery to your home. You can decorate a plant cart with trailing plants and flowering plants. Just make sure that the corner gets plenty of sunlight for your plants to thrive.



One of the trending indoor garden ideas is to create a terrarium with low-maintenance plants like succulents, fern, air plants, and décor accents like shells and colorful stones. Learn how to create a terrarium with our beginner’s guide.

Mini Succulent Garden

Beat the winter blues by creating a mini succulent garden. Group your succulents together in a sunny spot of your home, and don’t forget to water them at least once a week.

Yes, there are a lot of ways you can cure the winter blues with houseplants, especially when you let your creativity take over, such as an indoor cactus garden, creating a bathroom or kitchen garden, a mini indoor greenhouse, and a windowsill garden to grow small root veggies.

Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy. Whatever houseplant you choose to transform your home into a lively oasis, you’ll definitely need a stylish planter to display your plant baby in. No matter what your style, there’s an Omysa planter that will be perfect with your garden and home’s décor. From ceramics to fiberstone, check out Omysa’s Shop and add it to your cart!

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