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Back From Vacation: Post-Vacation Plant Checklist

Back From Vacation: Post-Vacation Plant Checklist

Your plant babies really missed you. Make sure to reconnect with them and check if they’re all okay with this handy post-vacation plant checklist.

Now that summer has come to an end, most of us are returning home. It’s pretty normal to feel excited and anxious to see your plants once again. Are they doing okay? Are they still alive? Did they get enough water? We’ve been there, and don’t be surprised if some of your plants have wilted or look stressed, you could still save them. Remember, plants are forgiving, and it takes a little T.L.C. to turn everything around. So to help you pick up your plant care routine this season, use this handy post-vacation plant checklist. Trust us, everything will be fine.

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Post-Vacation Plant Checkup Checklist

Clean Fallen Leaves & Groom Your Plants: First things first, throw any fallen leaves on the floor. Next is to trim any dying leaves and brown tips with clean scissors. Wipe off the dust with a soft cloth & plain water or duster.

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Check for Pests and Early Signs of Diseases: Check your plant’s top and bottom leaves for unwanted visitors. If you notice traces of bugs, treat your plant with neem oil or by spraying soapy water on your plants.

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Check the Watering Situation & Your Plant’s Soil: Some of your plants may be overwatered by your plant sitter, or they may be suffering from thirst. An overwatered plant can be difficult to save, so if this is your plant’s problem, remove your plant from its pot and allow it to breathe and dry out. Once the excess moisture has dried, you can return it to its pot. Make sure to clean the pot before you return your plant.

However, if your plants are wilting from thirst, place them on your sink or tub, and let the water run through their soil. Soak them for at least a few minutes. Your plants can usually recover within a few hours.

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Rotate Your Plants for Even Light Access & Aerate the Topsoil: Simply rotate your plants for even light access. It’s also best to fluff or aerate their soil to give them air to breathe.

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Wait and See: Now that you’ve checked off everything on your post-vacation plant checklist, there’s nothing left to do but to wait patiently and see if your plants will be okay. It usually takes a few weeks to see your plants glow and thrive again.

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