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Arrange Your Plants in Groups With These 3 Tips

Arrange Your Plants in Groups With These 3 Tips

Ever wonder how to make your plants look good together? Follow these simple tips on how to arrange your plants in groups. It’ll be helpful this fall season.

Did you know that plants benefit from being grouped together? It increases the humidity, which is important during this cool season. Grouping several plants together to create a pocket of humidity. Plus, plants are good at taking off each other, as well. Experts suggest that you place a dish of water in the center too. Another benefit of arranging plants together is to make the watering task easier. Some group their plants according to lighting needs.

So, if you’re wondering the best approach on how to arrange your plants in groups, then we suggest going for the practical way: grouping plants according to their requirements.

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How to Arrange Your Plants in Groups

Low to Medium Light Plants: Most of us have low-light indoor plants to liven up our dark apartment. If you’re working on these kinds of plants, it’s best to arrange your low-light to medium-light plants together. Keep in mind to check the soil’s moisture before watering these types of plants since they thrive in low-light conditions, it takes some time for their soil to completely dry.

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Medium to Bright Light Plants: Your Monsters are part of this group since these posh plants love bright, indirect light to thrive. However, one of the problems you might deal with this fall season is limited sunlight. We suggest placing your sun-loving plants near the window or source of light to keep them healthy and lush.

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Pet Safe: If you have kids or pets, it’s best to group your non-pet-friendly plants together, and place them somewhere out of reach, like on top of a shelf, hang them near the window, or place a fence to keep your pets or kids out. Just make sure they still receive the proper amount of light.

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Arrange: Just like how you decorate your home, the key to arrange your plants in groups is to mix and match, edit the space, and have fun! You can add texture by placing your pots in wicker or rattan planters. You can add pops of color and patterns, as well. It’s important to prioritize the plant care requirements to make the watering and misting task easier. Good luck, and get grouping!

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