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9 Sustainable Indoor Plant Tips You Must Try

9 Sustainable Indoor Plant Tips You Must Try

These sustainable indoor plant tips will make your plant obsession more planet-friendly!

One of the trendiest home décor that can instantly freshen up your home is houseplants. They can liven up empty spots or brighten up any room. Further, they help improve your mental health. Plants remind us to care for ourselves while caring for them. Let’s not forget that they make a beautiful prop on your Instagram.

However, as the houseplant trend continues, issues like plant poaching, plastics, and plant hoarding continue to rise as well. Today, we encourage you to be a more sustainable plant parent by choosing to grow and care for your plants in eco-friendly ways.

Here are easy sustainable indoor plant tips to make sure your hobby isn’t hurting Mother Earth.

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  • Buy Secondhand: Whether it’s the pots for your plants or watering cans, it’s best to buy secondhand items and accessories for your indoor garden. Aside from the cheap price, you’re also helping lessen waste or trash from secondhand materials. Additionally, there are plenty of ways to breathe life into secondhand items, like repainting them or using them for another purpose, such as old watering cans into unique plant pots.
  • Don’t Buy Plastic Pots: We’re all aware that any item or accessories made from plastic aren’t disposable. Imagine, they’ll stay forever on this planet. Plant communities recommend choosing ceramic or clay pots over plastic pots to minimize plastic waste. However, this doesn’t only apply to plastic pots, but avoid buying plastic plant accessories too. In case you use plastic pots, don’t throw them away. Reuse them a dozen times. If you need new pots, choose to buy ceramic or clay pots. You can also reuse plastic bottles or cups for your small plants.
  • Get Into Plant Swaps: One of the sustainable indoor plant tips we love is plant swaps! It’s exciting to exchange plants and to learn a lot while caring for your new plant!

  • Go Peat-Free: Did you know harvesting peat takes a toll on our planet? Yes, it’s terrible for the environment since peatlands contain half a trillion tons of carbon. Don’t believe in the lie that your plants need peat to grow. Trust us, your plants will be perfectly fine in peat-free potting soil as long as you care for them properly.
  • Learn to Propagate: Master the skills of propagating by taking cuttings. It’s an exciting and wonderful feeling once you’ve grown plants from seeds or air layering. Not to mention the money you’ve saved up.
  • Reuse Your Water: Collect rainwater in buckets and use it to water your indoor plants. Rainwater is great for your plants since it has fewer chemicals compared to tap water. Another way is to recycle the water you used to rinse your fruit and vegetables.

  • Support Local: One of the sustainable indoor plant tips you should be practicing is to buy plants from local shops. Aside from helping small businesses grow, you also help reduce packaging waste and carbon emissions. We also want to add that before you buy plants, educate yourself about plant poaching. Learn the signs to look out for to avoid falling for traps into purchasing popular plants or wild-collected plants.
  • Use Natural Pesticides: There are so many ways to feed your plants without using harmful chemicals that are dangerous to you, to your plants and the environment. Opt for neem oil, garlic oil spray, or soapy water to eliminate plant pests.
  • You Can Actually Have Too Many Plants: Believe us when we say you have too many plants, like way too much. Before buying a new plant, ask yourself if you have enough space and time to care for it. While we support plants as a way to improve your home and mental health, it’s also best to check first if you really need a new plant. Remember, caring for a new plant can be stressful, and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to waste another plant just because you lack time or space.

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