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9 Reasons to Try Container Gardening

9 Reasons to Try Container Gardening

Still not convinced that you can be a gardening star? Here’s a list of reasons to try container gardening, no matter where you live!

Most people think that container gardening is only for apartment dwellers or small space dwellers. However, even people with a yard can try container gardening. It’s actually a smart choice because your back will thank you for avoiding the heavy labor of digging, pruning, and harvesting from the ground since you can choose to place your plants in an elevated container.

So, if you’re still asking yourself why should you give container gardening a shot, check out these reasons that will convince you to try container gardening, even if you live in a tiny home.

Weeding? We Don’t Know Her

No room for weeds when you have a container garden! Good news, right?

You Can Move Your Container Garden Anywhere

One of the reasons to try container gardening is you can move it anywhere. Moving to a different place? Sure, no prob! Going on vacation? You can move it to your friend’s place temporarily. Seasonal light change? Relocate your plants over to the area where there’s more sunlight. Pretty convenient, huh? Plus, it’s a form of arm workout too!

Watering Is Easier

We all know that you only need to water plants when the soil is dry or the top inch of the soil is dry. The same rule applies to container gardening. You can also set up self-watering mechanisms or self-watering planters (if you’re too busy to check every week).

Growing Healthy Food

OK, this is one of the reasons to try container gardening. Trust us, you can be completely sure you’re eating organically grown veggies and fruits.

Decorate Your Home With Containers

Got lots of free time this pandemic? Grab a brush, paint, and some pens! Decorate your home with plant containers to add personal style to your space.

Cleanup Is Easy-Peasy

As a plant owner, it’s so much easier to clean a container garden because you don’t have to sweep any dead leaves or stems. We guess the only hassle part would be cleaning plants when you need to debug plants and take them in before the temperature drops.

So what do you think of these reasons to try container gardening? Are you now fully convinced? Got a container garden you want to share? Tag us on Instagram! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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