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8 Popular Flowers for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

8 Popular Flowers for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Dress up your dining table with these beautiful and popular flowers for Thanksgiving.

Flowers are always the perfect solution to add color to any room or to brighten up your home. You can mix and match different flowers and other decorative pieces to wow your guests and add unexpectedly refreshing colors to the space. Some common flowers for Thanksgiving include orange roses, sunflowers, and red carnations since they perfectly match the autumn’s palette. Here are other popular flowers for Thanksgiving you can use as centerpieces and cornucopias.

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Popular Flowers for Thanksgiving

  • Carnations: Also known as the “The Flower of God” and symbol of love, Carnations are one of the popular flowers for Thanksgiving or as fall centerpieces. It’s one of our favorites because it can last for several weeks!
  • Cushion Poms: Cushion Poms are related to Mums, and they are slowly becoming one the must-have flowers during Thanksgiving because of their vibrant yellow and lavender colors.
  • Gerbera Daisies: You can see these daisies everywhere during the fall season because of their colorful shades including pink, coral, purple, red, and yellow. Plus, they can make your home smell lovely.
  • Mums: Mums are one of the common flowers for Thanksgiving due to their bold colors, like bronze, purple, pink, red, and yellow. Try adding fresh-cut mums in your home or even dried out as your table’s centerpiece.

  • Peruvian Lilies: Similar to mums, Peruvian Lilies can be found anywhere during the fall season. Popular for their vibrant colors, Peruvian Lilies can add a sense of warmth and festive vibe to your home, which makes it perfect if you’re thinking of a more formal Thanksgiving table setting.
  • Solid Aster: This gorgeous flower symbolizes faith, wisdom, and valor. It’s the ideal flower this autumn because of its subtle fall foliage.
  • Sunflowers: Sunflowers are not only perfect during summer, but they also look great as an addition to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Further, sunflowers symbolize joy and add a positive ambiance to your home.
  • Thanksgiving Cactus: One of the easiest flowers to care for during the fall season, and it ideally blooms right before Thanksgiving.

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