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8 Houseplants to Decorate for Fall

8 Houseplants to Decorate for Fall

Keep your green thumb this autumn with these gorgeous and easy-to-care houseplants to decorate for fall.

While everyone’s getting busy with cleaning and DIY decorations for the new season, did you know that adding several houseplants could also give your home a fall flair? They can instantly freshen up the space, and you can place them in pots painted in a fall palette. So if you’re excited to transform your home into a fall utopia.

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One of the houseplants to decorate for fall is Anthurium because of its red and orange color, which makes it perfect to combine with your other fall decor. Anthurium can bloom almost all year if you place it in a bright spot or under a grow light, feed it during the growing season, and provide ample humidity.


Its bold orange, yellow, or purple-red colors are ideal for the fall season. The Bromeliad plant is an excellent choice for beginners since it’s easy to grow and has low maintenance. Moreover, this plant can even grow well in low light conditions and are pet friendly, too!

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Calathea Medallion

Did you know some Calathea Medallion varieties fold up slightly during the nighttime, revealing the colorful undersides of their striking leaves? A brilliant green pattern on top, and a deep burgundy underneath. It’s one of the houseplants to add to your home this autumn season.

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Colorful Aglaonema

One of the houseplants to decorate for fall is Colorful Aglaonema because of its lively shade of red. You could also add other varieties mixed in with warm shades of red, orange, and yellow.


One of the best and charming houseplants because it appears in a variety of colors, leaf shapes, and sizes, which makes it a great decor this fall. If you’re new to this plant, avoid moving the Croton plant as much as possible to prevent shock and falling leaves.

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Madagascar Dragon Tree

Dark green leaves edged in purple-red, the Madagascar Dragon Tree quite looks like ornamental grass growing from a bamboo stem. Dragon Tree plants are excellent plants for removing harmful toxins from the air, so it’s perfect as bedroom plants for better sleep.

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Prayer Plant

Similar to the Calathea Medallion, the Prayer Plant has dark, olive-green leaves accented with purple-red veins, which makes it an excellent decor this fall season. We suggest placing it on tabletops or hanging baskets since it’s a sprawling plant. The Prayer Plant folds up slightly during the nighttime like it’s actually praying.


Snake Plant

Of course, the Snake plant is one of our favorite houseplants to decorate for fall because it’s seriously low-maintenance. However, keep in mind that Snake plants love bright light and a warmer environment.

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