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7 Fall Container Garden Tips

7 Fall Container Garden Tips

In need of a fall makeover? Follow these fall container garden tips to spruce up the space and for a successful container garden.

Did you know that a fall container can create a beautiful display of fall flowers and plants on your front porch or window sill? While most of us are busy with springtime garden preparations, some of us could use this changing season as an opportunity to refresh our container garden for fall. Think of beautiful fall flowers like mums, pansies, and asters or cold-hardy vegetables and herbs to liven up your space. Here are fall container garden tips to spur up your space for the new season, according to Chicago Botanic Garden.

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Fall Container Garden Tips

  • Use more different kinds of flowers and plants. Try to create a fuller container to see faster results that can last for the whole fall season.
  • It’s best to plant in early September to give your plants and flowers some time to grow before the cold temperature finally settles in.

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  • When choosing flowers and plants for your fall container garden, experts advise you to opt for plants with a variety of tones that contrast and set off each other. Try combining colorful flowers like Heuchera with grass-like plants like Carex or Juncus.
  • While we all love adding mums to our garden space, we all know that they’d only last for three or four weeks before the show is over. One of the fall container garden tips is to plant grasses or kale and cabbage since these plants thrive much longer.
  • Experts advise choosing long and late-blooming flowers like Salvia, Cuphea, or fall pansies or violas.
  • One of the fall container garden tips to save your plants and flowers from the cold temperature during the night is to cover them with light blankets, large pots, or even an empty trash barrel. These are simple ways to protect your plants and flowers from frost.

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  • Lastly, once November passes and the winter season is slowly inching, disassemble your planter and carefully place your cold-hardy plants in a nursery bed to hold them over until next spring.

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