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7 Crafty Yard and Gardening Tool Storage Ideas

7 Crafty Yard and Gardening Tool Storage Ideas

Keep your yard clutter-free with these smart and creative gardening tool storage ideas!

Quick question, where do you usually put your gardening tools? We bet it’s in the last place where you used it. Organizing your yard and gardening tools makes it easier to find them and prevents them from getting rusty or damaged. Further, organizing your gardening tools will extend their life and save you money from spending in the future. Take good care of your yard and gardening tools with these storage ideas.

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Build a Shed

If you have enough outdoor space, building a shed is a great storage space for your yard and gardening tools. It can protect everything inside from harsh elements. Additionally, a shed is the safest storage space to store your gardening tools, especially if you have pets and kids.

Create a Pegboard

A pegboard is one of the easiest yard and gardening tool storage ideas. You can build it outdoors or in your garage space. Plus, you can store all of your gardening tools, from small tools like gardening shears to yard rake.

DIY Tool Racks

Use your wall space by building racks for your gardening tools, specifically for your shovels and rakes. It doesn’t take any floor space, and it’s a safe way to store big gardening tools.


Garden Storage Bench

A garden storage bench is one of the best gardening tool storage ideas, especially if you don’t have enough floor space or wall space. A garden storage bench can keep your small gardening tools safe and easily accessible.


Hang Some Hooks

Install hooks to hang your gardening tools, hose, your gardening gloves, and hat. Hooks have endless storage possibilities, and they’re cheap as well.


Mailbox Hideaway

If you have an old mailbox, repurpose it as your gardening tool storage space. It’s convenient, and it could keep your gardening tools safe.


Tool Bucket Storage

Got an old bucket or paint can? Repurpose it into a tool bucket storage for your gardening tools. It’s pretty convenient because you can bring all of your gardening tools anywhere you work.

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