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6 Winter Plant Care Tips You Should Follow

6 Winter Plant Care Tips You Should Follow

Help your indoor plants thrive during the cooler months of the year with these easy winter plant care tips.

Your indoor plants are not built to survive the freezing temperature and life-threatening challenges during late fall, especially winter. Most indoor plants are used to humid and warm conditions, so during winter, there are a few adjustments you should do to help them survive. Don’t worry because these winter plant care tips are simple that even beginners can easily follow them.

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Winter Plant Care Tips

Before we get started, it’s important to consider the types of plants you have. Do a little research and learn their specific needs. This is how you’ll modify your winter plant care routine. It’s best to mimic the native conditions of your plants to help them during winter. Use these winter plant care tips, then modify them along the way according to your plants’ particular needs.

Adjust Your Watering Routine: Two words: limit watering. Keep in mind that your plants’ soil will take time to dry out due to the cold temperature and less sunlight, so it’s best to limit the watering and check the soil first before you give your plants a drink.

Stick your finger about an inch into the soil mix. If it feels dry, your plant needs a drink. We also recommend that you make it a habit to check on your plants at least once every two to three weeks. Create a watering schedule to make it convenient. Lastly, water your plants in the morning because the morning sun will dry out any splashes on the leaves

Avoid Fertilizing: Make your plants go on a diet during winter since your plants experience a slower growth during the cold season. Always follow the instructions on fertilizer labels since too much can result in fertilizer burn or shock, which can kill your plants, especially during the winter.

Experts suggest feeding your plants once every five weeks if needed. If your plants can thrive without fertilizer, then it’s best to cut it back and resume feeding them early spring to give your plant a little boost and to promote growth.

Follow the Light: Your plants will need light to survive, but sunlight during winter can be challenging to provide since not only are there fewer hours of sunlight, but the rays come in at a lower angle too. One of our winter plant care tips is to move your plants to a brighter spot or to place grow lights as a substitute for sunlight. Place bulbs 4 to 12 inches away from your houseplants for effective results.

Give Them a Dusting: A layer of dust on the leaves of your plants will block sunlight. As a result, it can reduce your plants’ ability to photosynthesize and make them prone to diseases and pest infestations. Wipe off dust regularly with a soft cloth or duster.

Increase Humidity: One of the important winter plant care tips is to increase the humidity. This will help keep your plants healthy and lush. Signs of low humidity on your plants include brown edges on leaves, crispy leaves, and wilting or yellow leaves.

Our top recommendation is to place a humidifier in your plants’ area. You can also raise the humidity by grouping several plants together to create a pocket of humidity or by strategically placing your plants in humid rooms, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.

Pay Attention to Temperature: Raise the temperature of your home to help your plants thrive during the winter. Keep your plants away from cold drafts and sources of heat since sudden temperature changes can kill them.

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