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6 Simple Tips to Keep Christmas Flowers Fresh and Longer

6 Simple Tips to Keep Christmas Flowers Fresh and Longer

Decorating with fresh blooms this holiday season is an easy trick to refresh your home. Here are a few tips to keep Christmas flowers fresh and looking bright this holiday season.

We love flowers, but we love them even more during the holiday season. They can instantly brighten up any space. Now that Thanksgiving is done, it’s time to freshen up your home by decorating the space with fresh Christmas blooms! Yes, we’re talking about Poinsettia, Christmas rose, and Christmas cactus. With the right care and love, you can actually keep these Christmas flowers longer, even when the season is over. From pruning to watering, learn the simple ways how you can keep Christmas flowers fresh and beautiful!

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Tips to Keep Christmas Flowers Fresh and Longer

  • Use a clean vase for your Christmas blooms. Make sure to wash the vase with hot water & a small cap of bleach. This is to ensure that there are no bacteria present when you place the water and flowers.
  • Use warm water to keep your Christmas flowers fresh. It’s best to mix the water with a packet of flower food. Flower food is a mix of bleach, citric acid, and sugar. It’s one of the secrets on how to making flowers last longer since it balances the PH of tap water, eliminates harmful bacteria, and provides flowers with the energy to let them live longer.
  • Keep your Christmas flowers watered. The water level should be enough or high enough to cover all the stems. If the flowers are arranged in a tray with foam, make sure to keep the water topped off.
  • Change the water if it’s cloudy, It’s important to re-cut stems with sharp scissors, shears, or a knife, at a 45° angle before placing them back in the vase.
  • Prune or remove any wilted leaves in the stems and the water since these leaves will introduce bacteria into your clean water.
  • Keep your flowers away from sources of heat, such as direct sunlight, drafts from doors or windows, fruit or vegetables, household appliances, or radiators.

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