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6 Popular Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

6 Popular Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

Do you want to grow indoor plants without creating any mess with dirty soil? Try these indoor plants that grow in water. They are easy to care and most of these are disease and pest-resistant.

Do you remember growing a carrot top in a dish of water? We remember how thrilling it was to watch leafy greens grow from the top carrot’s top after several days. Well, these indoor plants that grow in water are basically just the same, but an all-grown-up version. A lot of indoor plants can form roots and thrive once exposed to moisture. Plus, it’s one of the ways to multiply your indoor plant collection without spending a cent.

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Growing indoor plants in water is a mess-free and no-fuss technique to multiply your indoor plant collection. Plus, there are fewer pests or sometimes no pests at all! Aside from fewer pests and multiplying your indoor plant collection at no expense, there are many reasons to try these indoor plants that grow in water.

  • Elegant Displays: We love the visual simplicity of growing indoor plants in glasses and vases.
  • Less Mess: Growing indoor plants in water means no messy soil to wipe up.
  • Need Less Care: Aside from they are disease and pest-resistant, you don’t need to water them, which makes growing indoor plants in the water a low-care solution for neglectful plant owners.

You can use any bottle, glass, jar, or vase to grow indoor plants in water. Of course, you have to match the size of the container with the size of the plant. Some prefer wall-mounted containers like vases and vessels, especially if these indoor plants don’t need much sun to grow. How about recycling old mason jars as containers to root cuttings or as a permanent home for your indoor plants?


Steps to Grow Indoor Plants in Water

Growing indoor plants in water is an easy and mess-free way to multiply your indoor plant collection, according to Savvy Gardening.

STEP 1: The best way to get started is with a fresh stem or leaf cutting. Clip the stem just below a leaf node where the stem is likely to produce roots. Make sure that the fresh stem or leaf cutting has several leaves, but remove any leaves that would be underwater.

STEP 2: Place the fresh stem or leaf cutting in freshwater. You can use any type of water, but tap water should be allowed to stand for 24 hours before use.

STEP 3: Move your plant to a spot with bright, indirect light.

STEP 4: Care for your plant by changing the water every few weeks or when it becomes cloudy. Add a few drops of a liquid organic houseplant fertilizer to the water to give your plant a little boost.


Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

Fiddle Leaf Fig: It is a finicky plant, but propagating a Fiddle Leaf Fig is fairly easy. You need to be patient since it will likely take about a month for it to begin sprouting roots.

Lucky Bamboo: Care for your Lucky Bamboo by changing the water every seven to ten days.

Pothos: Snip off the vines of Pothos just below the root nodes. Make sure to cut them into individual stems.

Snake Plant: Propagating a Snake Plant is easy peasy. Let the tip of the leaf-cutting callous for a few days before putting it in a jar of water.

Spider Plant: Place the roots in a shallow layer of water then cover with a glass cloche or plastic bag to speed up the growing process.

Succulents: Suspend succulent cuttings in the air, over a glass of water, so the roots grow gradually towards the water. You can use a toothpick to suspend succulent cuttings.

Growing these indoor plants in water is a great activity for kids and novice gardeners with limited space and plant watering-challenged.

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