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6 Fall Flower Care Tips

6 Fall Flower Care Tips

Here are the best fall flower care tips to help your precious perennials continue to grow during this cool season.

As we enjoy the cool and nostalgic fall season, we also love seeing the beautiful colors of fall flowers continuously blooming everywhere. However, these flowers won’t last long because they’ll all fade when the winter season arrives. But there are simple ways how you can enjoy them until spring arrives. Here are the best fall flower care tips to help your precious perennials during this season.

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Fall Flower Care Tips

Cut Back Dead Flower Heads: Create a clean garden for the winter by cutting back dead flowers. Make sure to use sharp and clean hand shears and cut up to just a few inches from the ground. This will help you with fresh new growth next spring.

Dig Up Flowers Outside Their Growing Zone: Dig up flowers that are outside their normal growing zone because they’ll only die once winter comes. Check the condition of the roots. If the roots look mushy, then it’s best to properly dispose of the plant. However, if the roots are a light, pink or whitish color, then the plant is healthy. Carefully brush the dirt off, but never wash the roots. Place them in a cool dark place with peat moss. Check them at least once a month. Check if the peat moss is dry and lightly water them.

Overwintering Mums: Did you know you can preserve mums over the winter and enjoy them again during spring? According to Garden Weasel, it’s best to keep mums in their pots. Once they have been frosted and turned brown, cut them back to one inch from the soil. Water lightly, and place them in a protected area like in a cool dark place. Check them once a month and water lightly.

Transplant: This fall season is the best time to transplant your perennials to give them proper time to recover from the stress of moving from one spot to another.

Plant Spring Bulbs: Now is the best time to plant your new spring flowers. Search for plants and flowers that’ll grow well in your zone.

Take Inventory: Once you’ve finished caring for your perennials, don’t forget to check and survey what you are left with. Check what you need to do for the next season. This will help you assess which plants did well during this fall and which plants did not.

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