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5 Tips on How to Keep Plants Alive While on Vacation

5 Tips on How to Keep Plants Alive While on Vacation

Give yourself a little break and enjoy the warm days! However, before you go, don’t forget about your plants! Experts share these tips on how to keep plants alive while on vacation.

Ever since the pandemic started, many of us transformed our homes into a little forest. Now that everything is slowly returning to normal, many of us want to give ourselves a little break and reward ourselves with an out of town since we stayed indoors for more than a year. However, there’s this one question in your head that suddenly popped up: What happens to your plants when you go on vacation?

Have you ever thought of what could happen to them even if you just leave for two weeks? Sure, you have friends that you could ask to water them every other day, but what f they are unavailable as well? If you’re about to deal with this problem, you’re in luck because we have the solution on how to keep plants alive while on vacation.

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Bunch Them Together

A few days before you leave, you need to divide your plants according to their size, type, and neediness. Keep in mind that smaller plants need more attention and moisture compared to larger plants. If you have cacti and succulents, it’s best to separate them from tropical plants or moisture-loving plants since succulents and cacti don’t require any extra moisture or care.

Next is to separate tropical plants and leafy plants into two groups: ones you water often and the ones you water less often. Lastly, consider the required temperature of your plants before you go.


Don’t Leave Them in Direct Sunlight

We all know that plants require sunlight to thrive, but since you’re not there to move them away from the blazing sun, it’s best to move them off from window-sills and south-facing rooms. Move them a few feet away from the window to avoid leaf burn. You can also place a sheer curtain to protect your plants from the strong sunlight.

Try A Watering Globe

Try a watering globe to help plants that require moist soil to thrive while you’re away. You can also try to set up a water-wicking drip system using a simple cotton string. It’s also great if you have more than one plant as you can water multiple plants that need water 3 times per week. You will need cotton rope and a bucket or vase. The bigger the bucket or vase, the more water you supply, the better.

Cut a cotton rope for each plant that needs watering. Make sure that the end of the rope is inside the vase of water and the other end is several inches under the soil. Cover each rope with soil to make sure it stays. Then, fill up the bucket or vase with water. Lastly, water the plants to start the process.

Create a Cheat Sheet

If you asked a friend to care for your plant while you’re on vacation, it’s only right to create a cheat sheet so your friend would have the basic information about your plants’ needs. It’s also best to ask someone who knows something about plants. Include in your cheat sheet the watering schedule, special instructions like checking the soil before watering, and how often your friend should mist your plants.

Water Plants Before You Go

Water your plants completely before leaving. Make sure to allow the water to flow freely from the bottom of the planter. Then, discard the excess water. Remember, there’s no solution to save a plant that has been overwatered, but you can still save a plant that has been a bit underwatered. Make sure to water your plants once you’ve returned home.

Going on a vacation is exciting! However, don’t forget about plants! Follow these tips on how to keep plants alive while on vacation. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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