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5 Summer Indoor Plants to Add to Your Houseplant Collection

5 Summer Indoor Plants to Add to Your Houseplant Collection

Enjoy the beauty of nature at your home with these easy-to-care and gorgeous summer indoor plants!

As summer is slowly approaching, it’s a great time for most indoor plants to prosper. It may not still be the best summer (like last year), but you can still try and enjoy the beauty of nature and the warmth of the sun with gorgeous summer indoor plants. No, this is not an excuse to buy houseplants!



Add color to your home with Begonias! Popular for its asymmetrical, patterned, and variegated leaves, it’s one of the summer indoor plants full of colors and interests.

Sunlight: Bright, indirect sunlight to shade, depending on the variety.

Water: Keep its soil moist at all times, but not too wet, as this can cause rot.

Flowering Maple

Also known as Abutilon, the Flowering Maple is a showy perennial with bell-shaped flowers and maple-like leaves. Flowering Maple is also often called Chinese Lanterns because of its papery blossoms.

Sunlight: Full sun to very light shade.

Water: Keep its soil lightly but consistently moist.


Oxalis is one of the easiest summer indoor plants. It’s a popular perennial that often shows up around St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also known as Love Plant and Wood Sorrel because of its shamrock-shaped leaves. However, it’s not a member of the shamrock family.

Sunlight: Thrives in bright, indirect to bright, direct light.

Water: Allow the soil to dry out halfway down between watering.


Red Aglaonema

Colorful, vibrant with strikingly patterned leaves, the Red Aglaonema is also one of the easiest summer indoor plants. Red Aglaonema is a perfect choice for forgetful plant owners or low-light spaces.

Sunlight: Bright, indirect sunlight.

Water: Keep its soil moist during the spring and summer.


String of Pearls

The String of Pearls is one of the unique summer indoor plants. The String of Pearls is a pretty creeper and ideal for beginners since it requires little attention.

Sunlight: Bright, indirect sunlight.

Water: Keep its soil consistently moist but not soggy.

Bring the beauty of nature inside with these summer indoor plants! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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