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5 Smart Ideas on How to Use Autumn Leaves

5 Smart Ideas on How to Use Autumn Leaves

Put fall leaves to work with these smart ways on how to use autumn leaves in the garden.

Did you know that autumn leaves are the most abundant crop during the fall season? Yes, it’s one of the most amazing organic matters that could improve your garden’s soil and protect root vegetables. So whenever someone throws these leaves away only to end up in landfills, it doesn’t feel right because autumn leaves contain a lot of carbon, they could be used as compost, lawn fertilizer, and compost.

Garden experts advise that the key to using autumn leaves is to shred them into pieces so they’ll break down during the winter season and feed your garden’s soil. Here are five smart ways on how to use autumn leaves around your garden or lawn.

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Compost: Autumn leaves are a great source of brown, high-carbon material, which is perfect for the compost pile. Alternate layers of shredded leaves with the usual fruit and vegetable scraps, plants, grass clippings, and other green materials you’d include in your compost pile. Let it sit over the winter, but don’t forget to turn the pile or aerate as needed.

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Create Mulch: One of the ways on how to use autumn leaves is to use them as an organic mulch in your vegetable garden or flower beds. Apply at least 2-3 inches layer of shredded leaves to the beds. Avoid applying mulch in the stems or trunk area of the plants.

Hoard Leaves: Did you know that autumn leaves can help prevent your compost from becoming soggy? It’s perfect for spring when you have plenty of greens for the compost pile since autumn leaves could help dry up the pile.

Make Leaf Mold: Improve your garden’s soil with a layer of autumn leaves. Leave autumn leaves to decompose, keep the pile moist, and bag them. It’s pretty beneficial for your garden soil and water retention. Plus, it’s free!

Mow: Run over autumn leaves with a mower. They’ll break down over the winter, and you’ll instantly have organic compost for your soil. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to use a mulching lawnmower since it could cut grass clippings into small pieces. You could also install a mulching blade in your lawnmower, but you need to research first on this part.

Don’t throw away autumn leaves. Instead, try one of these ideas on how to use autumn leaves. Spend less and improve your garden by spring.

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