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5 Self-Care Reminder Houseplants, Based on Your Mental Health Needs

5 Self-Care Reminder Houseplants, Based on Your Mental Health Needs

These self-care reminder houseplants will boost your mental health and give you more space in this world.

Houseplants can bring so much positivity to your space. They can liven up a dark, empty corner, add color to the space, and clean the indoor air. However, did you know some houseplants double as self-care reminders? It may not be obvious, but your houseplants care for you too. They decrease your stress, boost your mood when you’re feeling down, and they help you be more productive. You may not believe it, but houseplants are like cheerleaders. Of course, there are specific varieties of houseplants that bring joy, and these houseplants are all low-maintenance.

Try to add these easy self-care reminder houseplants in your home to help you heal and improve your mental health.

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For a Reminder to Break Toxic Ties, Try Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the easiest self-care reminder houseplants. It has plenty of benefits like it can heal skin wounds, improve your skin’s condition, and purify the air in your space. Aloe Vera also reminds us to cut off toxic people in your life as you trim away the dead pieces that are no longer helping it grow.

Aloe Vera will remind you to let go of people and relationships that are stopping you from thriving and growing. It’s a plant that will inspire you to grow into the person you want to be.

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For a Reminder to Maintain a Work-Life Balance, Try Peace Lilies

Similar to Aloe Vera, Peace Lily is another low-maintenance and air-purifying plant. It can thrive literally anywhere, which makes it an excellent plant choice for people living in small spaces. Peace Lilies are extremely strong and deep-rooted, but they also remind us to take a break from time to time. This plant reminds us that it’s okay to pause and pay attention to how you live your life, as well. May it be filled with tranquility, prosperity, and solitude.

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For a Reminder to Relax and Stay Calm, Try Lavender

One of the self-care reminder houseplants that are easy on the eyes is the Lavender. It smells great, which makes it a great natural air freshener. It’s also the ideal plant to add to your nightstand or office desk. Lavender is the best plant to decrease anxiety and to help you feel calm during uncertain times. Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths, and let the power of Lavender calm you down.


For a Reminder to Stay Present, Try a Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a popular plant because of its health benefits, such as its ability to help treat asthma, congestions, and colds. However, Eucalyptus reminds us to appreciate the present and value everything we have now. Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths, and let the powerful scent of the Eucalyptus help you enjoy the present, let go of the past and things you can’t control.


For a Reminder to Survive and Thrive During Hard Times, Try a Snake Plant

The Snake plant is well-known to be a low-maintenance and hardy indoor plant. It can thrive anywhere, and it can tolerate missed watering. It’s a perfect houseplant for busy and forgetful owners. The Snake plant is a great reminder to be strong during tough times, and continue to thrive during uncertain situations. It reminds us that whatever you’re going through, you can overcome and survive it.

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