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5 Easy Ways for Cleaning Indoor Plant Leaves

5 Easy Ways for Cleaning Indoor Plant Leaves

Indoor plants are already gorgeous, but help your indoor plants look their best with these effective and natural ways for cleaning indoor plant leaves.

First things first: Do not use leaf-shining products on your indoor plants. Never EVER. Leaf-shining products can clog the little pores of your plants’ leaves called stomata with either oil or wax. Once these little pores are clogged, your indoor plants won’t be able to breathe, which means suffocation and death. Remember, your indoor plants should look like plants. If you want them to look shiny like plastic, then it’s better to buy faux plants.

Indoor plants need to be cleaned from time to time since they accumulate dust like everything else in your home, especially indoor plants with large leaves because they collect more dust. Keeping your indoor plants clean can boost their health since they receive the optimal amount of light for photosynthesis. When your indoor plants are healthy, they give off oxygen and purify indoor air. It can also prevent disease and pests. Plus, cleaning indoor plant leaves will also allow you to inspect your plants if there are any dead leaves or problems like disease and pests.

We know that cleaning indoor plant leaves is a tedious task, but spending a little time to check and clean your plant’s leaves when you are watering them can help keep your indoor plants healthy and looking fantastic. Cleaning indoor plant leaves also depend on the surrounding environment, such as if you live in a dusty area, you need to clean your indoor plant leaves more often. Additionally, if you notice any sort of buildup, regardless of whether you just cleaned it, you should dust off your indoor plant again.

Brush Softly

One of the ways for cleaning indoor plant leaves is by using a soft brush, such as a mushroom brush, to gently dust off your indoor plants, especially for fuzzy leaves, indoor plants with sticky leaves, or indoor plants that don’t like getting their leaves wet, such as African Violets.

Dunk in Water

This method particularly works with small indoor plants. Simply hold the base of your indoor plant at soil level, invert it into a bucket of water, and swish the leaves. It’s best to water the soil beforehand to help prevent the soil from falling out when the indoor plant is turned upside down. Be sure to use lukewarm water. Let your indoor plants completely dry before returning them.

Mist With a Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is one of the recommended ways for cleaning indoor plant leaves like bonsais, cacti, and succulents.

Shower and Hose Indoor Plants With a Sprayer Nozzle

The easiest way for cleaning indoor plant leaves is to shower and hose them off with a sprayer nozzle. Make sure to keep the water pressure on low and test the water before spraying since cold water or hot water can injure your indoor plants.

Wipe the Leaves Off With a Damp Cloth

For large indoor plants, you can wipe the leaves off with a damp cloth. We personally love this method because it works well with indoor plants that have few leaves. Use a soft duster to help keep dust from building up on your indoor plants’ leaves.

Keep in mind to treat your indoor plants as carefully as possible when you clean their leaves. You got this!

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