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5 Crystals to Revive Your Plants

5 Crystals to Revive Your Plants

Did you know that energizing crystals can be used to save your dying plants? Here are the top crystals to revive your plants, according to experts.

You may be aware of crystals and how it’s used to heal anything and everything. Experts believe that crystals can attract good energy and cultivate abundance because of their vibration, which affects the universal field of energy. Crystals are also used to bring harmony and tranquility to your life and space. There are plenty of ways you can benefit from crystals, but did you know that crystals can also be used to revive your wilting plants and help them grow?

You may be surprised and confused about how crystals can help your plants, but crystals and plants have a special connection. Crystals have been on this planet together with other organisms, like plants. We’re convinced that it’s not such a crazy idea when you think about how plants can have energy blocks and how crystals can help them heal and re-energize.

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Clear Quartz

Also known as the master healer because it heals and harmonizes energy in its surroundings, which includes plants. Clear Quartz can make you feel intense gratitude for what you have and cultivates a positive outlook, which helps you take care of your plants with optimism.

Experts say that Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals to revive your plants because you can bury it and nestle it among your plant’s roots. Bury a small Clear Quartz next to your dying plant. Make sure that the Clear Quartz touches the plant. It’s also best to bury a small Intention Stone with the visualization of how you want your plant to look and grow in the next few weeks or months.



Malachite looks good with your plants or in your garden because of its luscious green appearance. Malachite is known as a stone of power, determination, and transformation. Experts recommend Malachite to keep your plants healthy during any move or relocation. It’s also great at protecting organisms from electromagnetic radiation and pollution, so if you happen to live close to some form of a power station, your plants or garden will benefit from Malachite.



Moonstone draws its power from the moon, hence the name. According to experts, Moonstone is one of the best crystals to revive your plants, specifically outdoor plants or garden plants. Moonstone symbolizes fertility and growth. Further, it vibrates on a harmonious, natural frequency, which experts believe pluck negative vibrations from your plants. Moonstone also helps the regeneration of your plant cells, helping your wilting plants to grow stronger and faster.

Experts suggest leaving your Moonstone with your outdoor plants or in the garden overnight, especially on a full moon, to give your plants a nighttime boost. Moonstone is also used to ensure fresh seeds or new plants will blossom.


Moss Agate

One of the best crystals to revive your dying plants is Moss Agate because it promotes a stronger connection between you and your plant. Moss Agate can attract positive energy to help cleanse yourself. It can also help you discover your green thumb and strengthen your connection with nature. Place a Moss Agate among your plants to help them thrive during a rough patch.


Tiger’s Eye

If you want to protect your plants from the negative intentions of other organisms, then place a Tiger’s Eye crystal beside them. Tiger’s Eye is believed to counteract any negative beliefs or doubts you may have about your plants and replace them with a positive and soft energy. Tiger’s Eye also gives support and strength to your plants by simply placing the stone on top of the soil. It’s an ideal crystal for people who are growing their crops or vegetables because it’s a stone of abundance and success.

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