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4 Top Reasons Why Your Houseplant Leaves Are Turning Brown

4 Top Reasons Why Your Houseplant Leaves Are Turning Brown

There are a few reasons why your houseplant leaves are turning brown and solutions on how you could fix each issue.

It happens. Whenever the season changes from warm to cool, your houseplants would also go different changes to adapt to the new environment. Some would thrive after adjusting, but some houseplants would wilt, or their leaves would turn brown. Don’t panic. It’s natural, and this type of problem is pretty common to plant owners. Before you search for solutions on how to fix it, you must first figure out the main cause of why your houseplant leaves are turning brown.

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Even if you give your best, brown leaves are one of the most common houseplant problems. It’s most common to tropical plants whenever you bring them home from the nursery. Their leaves would lower, then turn pale yellow, and eventually, they’ll turn brown and drop off. However, if it’s happening more frequently, then something must be wrong with your plant’s environment or how you care for it. Check if one of these is the main cause why your houseplant’s leaves are turning brown.

Reasons Why Your Houseplant Leaves Are Turning Brown

Not Enough Light: One of the obvious reasons why your houseplant’s leaves are turning brown is the plant might not be receiving enough light. If you notice that there’s discoloration on one side of the plant, it’s most likely receiving too little light.

One of the solutions is to place it in a bright spot, but since it’s fall season, it’s best to place your plants under grow lights as an alternative to sunlight. This would help them thrive during the fall and winter seasons.

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Too Little Humidity: Tropical plants are most likely to encounter brown tips because they’re used to humid areas. Place your plants on a pebble tray, group your plants together, or place a humidifier.

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Too Little Water: Brown tips are one of the signs that your plant is thirsty. You might notice that your plants will wilt first or droop before their leaves will turn brown. The best solution is to create a watering schedule so you could stay on top of the task and avoid a much bigger problem, which is overwatering.

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Too Much Heat: Brown leaf tips is common during summer, but not every fall or winter, except if you placed your plant near the heater or vents. You’ll notice your plants will become crinkly and then fall off. Avoid placing your plant in these spots, and make sure to keep them also away from cold areas.

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